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Should You Use A Wet Or Dry Cutter for Cutting Travertine Tile?

When cutting travertine the professionals recommend using a wet cutter or saw. Stone tile may be more prone to breaking when cut dry.

In the UK and the US, one of the best cutters that tile installers use is made by Rubi and is a rail saw that’s belt driven. The Ribi DX-350 is a professional version that can cut a thickness of about 5 inches. However, it is one of the most expensive saws for cutting travertine tiles that exists on the market. It costs almost $2,400 even when on sale.

In the UK, the Rubi Diamant DW-250-N is a wet saw that’s designed for cutting stone, like travertine, and the unit costs about £670. Also in the UK, the Rubi Diamant ND-300 is used for wet cutting travertine tile and stone and costs a little less, about £540. It’s actually a portable version of the Rubi electric saw that is also designed for res, marble, travertine, ceramic and even glass. It can cut about 3 inches thickness (which equals 75 millimeters) and there are no length limitations. It has a guide system and a thermic switch for security as well as a water cooled blade.

In the US, the Imer Combi stone saw is an option for cutting travertine tiles, although it’s not a more affordable choice at around $3,000, but it is a belt driven saw with a blade plunge of 14 inches, which means it can cut over 4 inches deep into stone or tile. The Raimondi Zipper is another rail saw that is very powerful for cutting travertine, but it is also close to $3,000.

There is a Rubi wet saw that seems quite affordable and it’s model number DW200LPS, which is an electric saw suitable for cutting travertine tiles and mitering ceramic tiles as well. It features a powerful motor (1.5 hp) and a guide as well as a platform , pump and thermal protection. Cut tiles straight or diagonally. It’s possible to find this unit for around $800.