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Different Factors in Choosing Curtain Tie Backs

Curtain tiebacks and curtain holdbacks are available a big selection of types and styles. To start with, a distinction will be made between the two. Curtain holdbacks are often pieces of hardware that may be mounted on a wall in a particular place adjacent to the drapery, or usually function as a free unit that is placed on the drapes where they are going to be held back; whereas curtain tiebacks are pieces of woven string or rope usually made with polyester that function as a tie for the drapery. You could find these either as solitary items bought separately from the drapery set itself or as part of the drapery set first hand.

The mix of these types presents an infinite array of choices for buyers to select from in searching for the perfect theme for his or her drapery.

Curtain Tieback Designs

Curtain tie backs are considerably limited in most styles. Usually, they include a woven rope of assorted lengths with a knot tied at its end part, typically with tassels protruding from the opposite end. Nevertheless, the totally different types that can be integrated into this seemingly easy design are numerous and indeed countless.

Pattern Types

Pattern Types are a very talked-about selection in tiebacks. The main purpose for that is their flexibility in working well into already existing themes. By way of the patterns obtainable, there are numerous choices; amongst the most popular are binary colored ones consisting of 2 totally varying hues woven together, normally such colors that can blend with each other well. The other well-liked option consists of a solid colored curtain tieback which reveals one daring impartial based (neutral) shade, with a touch of tassel hues that differ from the hue and design pattern of the rope.

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Accessorize Your Windows With Curtain Tie Backs

Curtain TiebacksLike fabulous accessories to a great outfit, window curtain tie backs are the must-have finishing touches for window treatments. Many homeowners prefer their curtain panels to remain held back while others choose to close them at night or when the sunlight is too bright for television watching. Either way, curtain tie backs are quite popular and are sold in most home accessory stores and department stores. Also, the great thing about curtain tie backs is they don’t always have to be store bought. Of course, if arts and crafts aren’t your thing, there are countless varieties of curtain hold backs that can be purchased pre-made.

For those budget wise decorators or for the artistically talented types, here are a few do-it-yourself ideas for clever curtain tie backs that will cost little to no money but make a dramatic difference in your room’s décor:

The Grapevine – Screw a small hook into the wall on both sides of the window at the desired height. Leave the opening of the hook facing away from the window. Using a small grapevine wreath that you’ve decorated with leaves or floral or even small plastic fruits (for a kitchen window) slip the curtain panel through and pull back the grapevine wreath and slide it onto the hook.  Repeat for the other panel tie back.

Silk Floral Curtain Tie Backs – Screw a small hook on either side of the window at the desired height. Using twisted or braided sprigs of silk flowers and greenery, wrap the braided flower stems around the curtain panel and twist the ends together. Slip the braided sprigs over the hook. Do this for the other panel as well.

Metallic Curtain Tie Backs – Purchase lengths of lightweight chain and wrap it around each panel. Slip the two ends of each chain length around one of the two small hooks that have been screwed into the wall on each side of the window.  Repeat for other panel.

Other curtain tie back ideas include beaded fringe, sequin or other types of trim, belts, costume jewelry necklaces and even old neckties.

For the homeowner that prefers to buy curtain tie backs, they’re available in so many different materials, styles and finishes from chrome to tassels to glass and are created in every fashion to fit in with any existing décor. For the very best selection in curtain tie backs begin by searching the internet. Online retailers from big box stores to window treatment specialty shops have a vast amount of options from which to choose.