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Curtain Sheers, a Breeze of Fresh Air

curtain-sheers1Sheers are the cool element in your window treatment.  Most curtain styles can be enhanced with sheers.  In fact, they are the most versatile part of a window treatment and the perfect choice when we want to let in outside light and still preserve a sense of privacy. They can definitely accent the ambiance of any given room when we use them alone or as part of a more elaborate window treatment.  By using curtains sheers, we let the room breath and become part of the outside environment.

The variety of materials that we can use go from voile, batiste, crushed voile, organza, silk wood, lace, embroidered to French tergal and more.  Using sheer panels we can make window curtains, eyelet curtains, valances, door panels, scarves and whatever our imagination takes us to.

When making our choice we usually begin by defining the mood we want for the room.  Will it be formal, casual, elegant or playful?  There are many styles and materials that associate well with each of these feels.

In formal environments, for example, it is likely we use sheer panels of French tergal together with heavy curtains with tie-backs and an elegant valance.  For a romantic feel, we could use matching curtains and valances of embroidered organza or high quality voile to match the rooms’ palette and in a compatible style with the decor.   For an elegant look, there is nothing like the simplicity of high quality voile curtains and scarf to match with the appropriate ornaments.

For any décor mood we can actually choose any style curtains and complement them with sheers.  In a bedroom, for instance, we may keep the curtains open and leave the sheers closed to lighten the room during the day and we can close the curtains over the sheers for privacy in the evening.   In a family room with a garden view we may choose the luxury of plain sheers. They can even be used for kitchen tier curtains if you are wanting to soften the overall look of your kitchen.

We can truly enjoy our home decorating while playing with materials, shapes, colors and spaces.

Enjoy and create!