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Curtain Design Ideas on a Budget

You can give any room a new decor by changing the curtains. Curtains provide a warm feeling combining elegance with the existing look of the room. There are a number of curtain design ideas that you can use to dress up your home even if you are on a tight budget. During the winter season a quilt can come in handy on French and sliding doors. Get a large sized quilt and cut it down the middle. Quickly make a hem on the cut edge to give it a nice look. Use a curtain rod to measure the size that you want and the depth that you require. Fold the edge over to make a pocket for the rod. Sew the curtain rod pocket by stitching very close to the folded edge. Repeat the same process for the other cut half.

You can use your bed sheet as a curtain. Majority of the sheets are usually hemmed enabling you to place a curtain rod easily. The bed sheets are also available in different colors and patterns. They can be ideal for any average sized window, and great for making kitchen tier curtains. You should tie the sheets fashionably to give your window a nice look. You can use matching pillow cases as curtain tie backs, cutting the matching pillow cases into oblong pieces. You don’t have to hem the edges of the tieback as you can just roll them together when tying them on the curtains. In addition you can also use silk scarves that match the curtain to tie them.

Using table runners as curtains is also amongst the list of budget curtain ideas. Use five or four table runners depending on your window width. They are available in different colors and patterns to give your room an eclectic appearance. Use the runners by coordinating them with two twin sheets. Let each runner overlap each other to give the window an appeal by even appearance. In addition use match table runners as tiebacks.

Of course, you can also find quite cheap yet still great looking curtains online. Lowes Waverly curtains for example are quite reasonably priced, yet are good quality.

Window Decorating with Curtains

What can be said about window curtains that hasn’t already been said before? Well, the answer might surprise you. However, were not going to be discussing curtain panels and valances in the typical sense. What we are going to be addressing here are curtain decorating ideas and where the trends are headed. There are so many types of window treatments, that trying to discuss curtain ideas without looking at your home is more of a guessing game than anything else. You’ll notice that when you shop for window blinds or shades, that the sales rep always has all of those binders full of samples. Then, they hold up each one you like next to the window, match with your paint, flooring, cabinets, etc. The choice becomes much more elaborate.

So, the task of picking out the perfect curtains is not something that can be handled in an article online. What it will help you do, however, is have a better idea as to the current trends and decorating fads to help you keep your home looking modern. You know how it goes, little by little, your home slips into another decade in terms of home decor or design. Then, one day, it seems like you’ve got months of work and thousands of dollars to spend in order to get it back up to a modern looking place. Well, you can save yourself at least from this effort by updating your window curtains.

One place to start is by looking at the color of your window shades or blinds first. One of the bigger trends is to keep these in more of a neutral scheme and then to accessorize with brighter or bolder curtains. There is a great selection of these type of  Waverly curtains available at Lowes, for very reasonable prices. Further, you could also get by with very simple or sheer eyelet curtains. The days of the heavy velvets and thick materials are gone, for now. As with most home decorating ideas, they may resurface in a few years to decades. This is no reason to store them in your attic or garage, however! You’ll end up with other storage hassles and nightmares.

In keeping with this simplified theme, you could opt to utilize a simple window valance. The key is simple. Generally speaking, window valances are on the way out in terms of window clutter. You want to give your windows a very clean or visually pleasing line to them. The ornate valances and the heavy fabric serve to make the window a focal point. Another option is the scarf valance. If you’re not familiar, it is just as the name implies, using a piece of fabric, usually more sheer or lightweight in nature, that is sort of draped over the curtain rod. It gives a nice hint of accent and a little flair as well. Finish it up with curtain tie backs and you will have a great set of curtains. Those are just some great curtain ideas to get you started, let your imagination take it from here!