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Decorative Dinner Plates

dinner plateEveryone has dinner plates to eat from, many of which come from dinnerware sets.  We seldom think that before these plates arrived on our tables, they had to be designed, made, and taken to the store where they were seen, admired, and purchased.  Since they arrived at our home, they have been used frequently to feed us and our friends and family our good food.

While most dinner plates are round, some people have square or other unusually shaped plates.  Some have gently curved bottoms, and some have two distinct parts, one part an edge and the other part is where your food sits. Sometimes the edges are delicately molded in the shapes of vines, leaves, flowers, or geometric shapes.  Some plates brighten up a room by being a single primary color.  Some are in pastels that subtly bring out colors of the wallpaper or tablecloth.  Often the basic white dinner plate has a different colored rim or perhaps a gold leaf decorative effect.

The way in which dinner plates can be decorated is virtually infinite.  There can be flowers either scattered across the plate, around the edges, or gracefully draped.  The most popular flowers such as roses, tulips and daffodils are easy to find.  But flowers are not the only item from nature that looks good on a plate. Leaves in autumn colors and trees such as the oak and willow also lend their beautiful majesty to some designs. Ivy and vines can also be found twining sinuously around plate edges.

Living creatures are another favorite decorative touch. Kittens, puppies and wild animals are popular along with offerings from the seas and oceans such as images of coral reefs, penguins and starfish.  The skies are another source of imagery including clouds, rainbows, butterflies and birds. Plates can also be designed to commemorate historical events, buildings, traditional dress, famous paintings, sports teams, holidays and cities.

Moving away from images, abstract or geometric designs work well on dinner plates.  Concentric rings in different colors, the look of ribbon candy around the edge, or wavy checkerboards are some designs that can be found.  As you can see there are many options if you wish to stay away from the most popular white dinner plates. But if you are not after something quite as bold, perhaps stick with the white plate but with a delicately scalloped or fluted edge.