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Copper Sinks: Metal Magic for the Home

copper sinksCopper sinks add a stylish decorative touch to any kitchen or bathroom. The natural patina and rich color of copper brings out the beauty in textures and surfaces surrounding it, enhancing the look of the entire room.

Not only will a copper sink make a striking conversation piece for any home, but it is eco-friendly as well. According to the Copper Development Association, copper has the highest recycle rate of any metal. Almost as much copper is recovered from recycling efforts for reuse in the United States each year as is newly mined, making it a great choice for those who wish to mix style and green living.

Another reason to choose copper over other materials when picking a sink is because of its antibacterial properties. Bacteria will not grow on copper surfaces, so putting a copper sink in the kitchen or bath is a healthier alternative for families.

Copper is also an easily cleaned product, making it that much more desirable for home use. For regular maintenance, soap and water are all that’s called for. The metal will gradually develop the beautiful patina copper is known for over time. For those who do not like the patina, waxing the surface will retain the original color. Acidic, corrosive substances will damage copper. Even the natural acid in lemon and orange juice can remove the patina so care is required, although, have no fear, the patina will return eventually even if it is damaged.

Environmentally friendly, germ resistant and low maintenance, copper sinks are an all around good choice to spice up a kitchen or add some pizazz to the bathroom. The next time remodeling is called for, check out the different copper finishes offered, such as aged, natural, brown, black and polished. With all the choices available, there is sure to be a copper sink for every home and personality.