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Leather Furniture and Leather Crafting 101

black chairFor as long as man has lived and eaten meat we have utilized and needed animals skins and hides for clothes and building materials. Leather although at first used to create clothing and weapons, is now used for accessories, artifacts and furniture. Selecting the right type of leather for the job at hand directly effects getting the best and required results, especially when it comes to crafting an amazing black leather chair. Knowing leather and its most important properties are both a major part in leather crafting. Selecting the wrong leather could not only result in the wrong results achieved, but the function and lifespan of the product may also be affected and reduced. This is a quick guide to selecting the right leather for the job.

Furniture Making
This area utilizes the second largest amount of leather for leather goods: the leather most commonly used for leather suites is full grain, and top grain. Corrected grain or bycast leather is most often used for black leather chairs. Ensure that corrected grain leather does not bleed color of it may result in stains.  Leather is great for any conservatory furniture site as well.

Car upholstery
Car upholstery will use full grain or top grain nappa leather. Top grain is preferred as it is more resistant to stains, and has an overall colour and feel to it. It is soft and very pliable. A cost effective alternative is by cast leather, which is easier to clean and care for.

Office furniture
Leather office furniture are most often made out of corrected grain or bycast leather, that is usually dyed or colored to their required color, the most popular is black, burgundy and brown. When selecting leather for office furniture it is advisable to select leather with an overall smooth finish that is pliable and easy to work with.

There has been a great increase in the use of multiple leathers in accessories such as handbags, shoes and personal toiletry kits, the most often used is nappa leather. By cast leather is a cost effective alternative and often seen in folders wallets and briefcases. Leather selected here should have the required body and texture.

Sports equipment
This sees some of the most divers use of leather. Gloves are most often made of deerskin, pigskin, top grain, whole grain and nubuck. Equipment is made from top grain or corrected grain, bycast leather is commonly used on shoes or the more affordable options.

Most sought after is deerskin. Jackets are most commonly made from suede particularly sheep suede, top grain and by cast leathers. The purpose of the jacket will largely decide which leather should be used.

Carving and Painting is done on vegetable tanned top hide, its thickness and firm nature renders it ideal.