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Give Your Garage a Make Over with Concrete Garage Floor Paint

There are several new types of paints available for use as concrete garage floor paint. These paints are specially formulated to work on concrete and cement surfaces to provide even and complete surface coverage. The different types of paints may include a high gloss coating for a glossy finish. The substance is created with resins which bond with the cement to make the paint adhesive to the surface. This is the same high quality paint you see in car showrooms where the floor has a glossy finish. The paint is available in a few various colors such as blue, brick red and tan.

Using this type of paint on a garage floor will not only give your area a professional high quality floor surface, but it will hide the stains that may be currently on the floor. Because of the durable surface coating the material is also much easier to clean then the traditional concrete is. It can be swept or washed down with a hose to help maintain its quality surface. This paint can be used on any type of cement floor such as the floor in a basement. It also makes a nice floor area for an outdoor workspace or shed.

Concrete garage paint is easy to apply by pouring it out and spreading it evenly across the surface area. If the cement flooring has cracks, you will want to use a sealer on all of the cracks before applying the paint. This paint is also available as a plain matte finish so you do not need to use the high gloss variety if that is not your preference. You will find this type of surface paint available at most hardware stores and some department stores that carry home improvement items. The price will vary depending on the gloss and additives in the product.