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How To Start A Compost Heap In Your Garden

As a gardener your main priority might be to have the most perfectly beautiful garden in your neighbourhood.  However you might also want to think about the environment and the wildlife that makes use of your garden.  Remember a garden isn’t just for the benefit of humans, it’s also for the benefit of birds, animals and insects.

This is why you should start a compost.  You may shudder at the thought of having vegetables rotting away in your prized garden but it’s nowhere near as bad as all that.  Sure, you can make a compost heap which is ugly and messy, however you can also create one which is neat and tidy.

The first great benefit of a compost is that you are reducing the amount of organic materials you are adding to the landfill.  The strange thing about kitchen waste rotting in landfill is that it releases methane gas however in the compost heap it doesn’t.  This is because you mix the compost up to allow oxygen to flow through it.  With landfill everything gets compacted down and this keeps the oxygen out.

There are different types of compost heap you can have in your garden.  When it comes to attracting wildlife such as hedgehogs, toads and such like, you need to create a heap which allows for access.  If it is sealed up then there’s no way for these creatures to get in.  Unfortunately this means the most wildlife friendly type is also the messiest type so if you go for this, make sure you create some sort of screen so that it’s out of sight.

You also need to understand what things to add into your compost and what items to leave out.  If you add in meat and fish you will simply attract vermin which is certainly not a good idea.  You also need a good balance of wet items (grass clippings and kitchen waste) with dry items (paper, cardboard and wood chippings).  If you have a compost that’s too wet you will attract flies.  If you have a compost that’s too dry it won’t break down into soil easily.

Hopefully you now have a fairly good idea of why you should start a compost and what you need to do to maintain it.  There are loads more composting tips on the internet if you want to research it further.