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What to Expect From A Mini Compact Refrigerator

A mini compact refrigerator can be really useful if you are need an overflow fridge for extra drinks cans or bottles, ifmini compact fridge you are leading an unsettled life an need an appliance that can journey through your life with you like if you are a student moving from year to year, or if you are in a profession where your workplace takes you to different places like construction site engineers. Alternately if your office is to far away from onsite facilites a mini office refrigerator can be handy on a hot day.

So, if your looking for a mini refrigerator what can you expect? Most mini fridges are divided into size classes, the smallest tend to be 1.7 cu ft in volume, midsize tend to be 2.7 cu ft in volume and the larger compacts tend to be 3.5cu ft and upwards. In terms of price, some brands are cheaper than others, but size tends to have little impact on price for example most smaller sizes are $100 the larger sizes are $150 amongst most brands such as Haier, Danby and Magic Chef. Brands such as Sanyo appear to be expensive and price on brand value as a opposed to market conditions.

Smaller sizes tend to come with a single wire shelf and if they have an ice compartment it is generally only big enough for a ice cube tray. It’s worth bearing in mind that the ice compartment will reduce the rest of your potential storage space so you should consider whether a few ice cubes are that important to you. Most of the smallest mini dorm refrigerators tend to have door storage for 2l bottles.

The midsize ranges tend to offer slightly larger ice compartments, but still one shelf with the exception that it will usually be a glass shelf. The mid size focuses on offering a little larger storage space.

The larger end of the mini fridge ranges tend to have enough room for two glass shelves, much large ice compartments and in some cases you can get genuine freezer combo’s. Door storage is far more advanced with bottle pockets and often can dispensers included in the door for enhanced storage options.

What is clear, is that before purchasing a mini refrigerator it is best to really weigh up what you need the fridge for and what you need to store. If you just want to keep a few drinks cans cool go for a smaller size, if you have limited food stuffs and drinks go for a midsize, if you want great versatility with good size storage without sacrificing portability go for a larger model.