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A Lamp Shade Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

color lamp shadeMost of the lampshades we see in shops these days are the standard white, boring variety. However, there are some valid reasons why they are that way.  First of all, the standard light colored neutral shades tend to be practical and fit in quite nicely with any home decor, even if they are somewhat bland. The other reason is that the light shines through better.

However, a lampshade doesn’t have to be boring.  If you want to get creative, look at a replacement lampshade that will add some color or maybe even a little personality to the room you want to update or upgrade.  After all, how many times do you move your furniture around in a room, just for a different look? Many of us paint our walls every three to five years to add a fresh look to a room and to upgrade the room to some more modern colors. But you will be amazed at the difference a brightly colored lampshade can make. Why spend the time, money and energy upgrading your whole room, when a few well-placed colorful accessories will do the trick and give your room a whole new lease of life?

If you are looking for the right lampshade, the choices are almost limitless. There are lampshades everywhere. You can shop online for days looking at all the options.

There are lampshades that come in patterns to match a theme in your room, or just brightly colored ones. You can see some really brightly colored ones on the website Recycle Delight.

Personally, I think that colored shades (especially the pastel colored shades) are really adaptable.  If you don’t want to go too wild with a new lampshade, still keep the light colors but want an upgrade, some of the pastels are really peaceful and can be very relaxing.  Even though lampshades are a small piece of the room decor, just a pastel color with the light shining through at night provides a comforting ambiance, particularly with a lower wattage bulb  The little hint of color in a corner can also be an attention grabber.

Whichever way you go, there are always many lampshades to pick from, ranging from cheap ones you can pick up second-hand for a few dollars at a thrift store, right up to mega-expensive designer models. So if you haven’t thought of a replacement lampshade or a lampshade in the past, you may want to start investigating now.  They can really make an impact to any room.