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How to Keep your Dishes Spot Free

Most people are proud of the dinnerware they have in their home, whether they inherited it from a relative or bought it prior to moving into their home. Regardless, if there’s anything that’s aggravating, it’s those water spots that appear on your dishes and tableware. It seems that whatever you do, they keep returning to haunt you at the dinner table while you’re hosting guests. Some blame the problem on a faulty dishwasher, but notice that even hand washing the dishes yields the same results. Fortunately, there are some strategies which you can implement to keep the prevalence of these stains down. You can then proudly show off these clean eating accessories without fear of seeing flaws on their finish.

The dishwasher has become an integral part of the home. It gets an otherwise laborious task done with minimal human intervention. However, with the convenience that it brings, it also has some downfalls. For one, it can’t bring about the results most of us look for when operated incorrectly. You will find that most households with dishwashers either over-stuff them with dishes, making them prone to leaving behind food residue, or use the wrong detergent that yields a very similar result. To minimize dish staining, you need to ensure that your dishwasher is operated at proper capacity and that you are using a quality detergent, such at JetDry, that is designed to deter staining. An effective although more involved method to preventing water spots is to hand dry the dishes. Once the dishwasher has finished its cycle, it continues to remain very humid inside, allowing water droplets to etch the dishes. If you remove them once the load is finished and dry them with a towel, there is not enough time for water etching to occur.

As far as hand drying goes, the same rules apply. Use a quality brand name detergent and get everything dried as quickly as possible. Existing water staining is much more obvious on silverware due to the fact that it is designed to shine, so you might want to go about getting it removed. Fortunately, you can accomplish this feat using a metal polish.

If you’ve reached your wits end with this issue, you might consider incorporating disposable dinnerware into your routine. You can use paper plates, for instance, in conjunction with a handcrafted support tray to eliminate the need for washing any dishes. You can find these wicker holders at most home accessory stores. If you follow the tips mentioned here, there is no reason why you would have to resort to such drastic steps to seek relief.