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Children’s Curtains, Creating a Fun Environment

children's bedroomsChildren’s rooms are some of the greatest treats in decorating. There are so many elements to play with! Everything is possible in a child’s kingdom. Usually, we start by choosing a palette and a motif. We may move from primary colors to the sweetest pastels.

If we start with a baby’s room, we can be sure we will have to redecorate the same room, perhaps more than twice. Therefore, there are a few considerations to be made. If we choose wisely, we can reuse many of the basic elements. A very good example is in the children’s curtains. If we choose a fabric with a design that can “grow with the child” such as stripes, checks, flowers or even solids, it is likely that the children’s curtains can be reused by just changing the valance; that can be easily changed from motif to motif, and made in different styles.

Shades, in all forms are a favorite solution, especially because they lend themselves to be combined with many different valances. Another great addition to the window’s decor can be paint! You may paint, for example, the fabric of a solid colored roller shade to portray a lattice and the vegetation to go with it. It definitely will bring the “outdoor feeling” into the room.

As the child grows, so do the possibilities of change in the room. For example, where we had a plain sheer roller shade, with an infant or toddler’s motif, you can add a valance that, with a different style can totally change the look and feel of the room. When a girl grows into her teens, for example, we can even change a plain valance for a balloon curtain, and keep the sheer roller shade, to let the light in yet allow some privacy.

A word of wisdom: as soon as children are old enough to show interest in their rooms, make them partners in the project. They may need a lot of coaching and guidance, but it is important they feel it is their room. Enjoy the project; it is one of life’s fun times!