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Cheapest Breville Panini Press

breville pressHave you ever tasted a delicious Panini made in a café or delicatessen? If you have you will know that they look and taste great while at the same time can also form part of a healthy nutritious meal. Of course they can always just be eaten as a snack too. But eating out can be an expensive thing to do. So for Panini lovers the most economical option is to find a reasonably priced home Panini making machine. If you enjoy your toasted sandwiches you may be wondering what your options are. This article will discuss the cheapest Breville Panini press. Read on to find out more.

There are four grills in the Breville range. The lowest priced model is the Panini Press “Duo” BSG520XL. This model retails for well under one hundred dollars. But do not let the reasonable price fool you. Of course this is a model that is designed for home use but it still comes with many of the features of commercial Panini machines. For example the two hot plates combine to help you make authentic looking, as well as great tasting, toasted Panini. This comes about because the lower hot plate is flat. This is beneficial because it heats up your sandwich quickly and evenly. Then the top plate has ridges which when closed on to the top of your sandwich give it the authentic looking dark lines along the top. Other features of the BSG520XL are that it can be set to four different height levels. This lets you cook big fat sandwiches as well as more traditional slim Panini. Just having the different settings gives you more options when making your homemade sandwiches. It is a very versatile machine which can in fact be used to cook more than just toasted sandwiches. To top it off, once you have bought and paid for your own Breville Panini press you will save money over eating out every time you use it.