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Reproduction Antler Chandeliers for your Cabin

For those people who own second properties such as cottages or cabins, considering the type of lighting used in these vacation spots could change the look and feel of the whole property. The new style of chandelier that uses antlers in the construction is the perfect lighting fixture for a cabin in the woods. In addition to the styles that use real antlers in the design you will find some reproduction antler chandeliers. These faux styles are created to look like the genuine thing and create a very rustic sense to a cabin home.

The chandeliers come in different sizes that might have a single tier or as many as three tiers. The overall diameter of the piece can also vary according to the size of the antler design used. The lighting units constructed to resemble moose antlers will be quite wide in their overall size. When considering using these items it is important to know the size of the area it will hang in. For a large chandelier it is best to hang it in an open area so it doesn’t overpower the entire room. The smaller styles are good to use for foyer chandeliers.

The smaller items are generally created to be a single tier item which may have three lights on it. This is adequate lighting for an entryway or hall area. The larger style chandeliers are often used in the design of resorts that have a western or rustic feel to them. The reproduction piece is a good choice for those people who may be concerned about the safety of animals and protecting their environment. You will find many of these antler styles available at most lighting retail stores and also online. They are a unique and original way to add warmth and ambiance to any vacation cabin.

Chandelier Lighting Guide

Chandelier lighting has been around for many centuries. This kind of lighting was first used in the middle ages, when crosses made of wood were topped by candles and raised to the ceiling of a room. Chandeliers later became more elegant and featured many long arms with numerous candles. After the 18th century, new techniques for making glass led to crystal chandeliers being very popular. After the advent of gas and electricity as the main source of lighting, chandeliers assumed the modern style, fixed to the ceiling. Today the chandelier light is mostly used for decoration rather than as a principal source of light. Chandelier lighting can be very pleasing to the eye.

chandalierChandeliers offer a superb way to add visual appeal to the center of a room, usually when placed above tables. They are a good choice for a dining room, assuming you have a ceiling that is high enough. You should also make sure the chandelier light is not too large for the room. The style of the chandelier should complement the architectural design of your home rather than be in the hot style of the moment, because styles change and chandeliers are expensive and hard to replace.

You need to decide how much of a source of illumination you want your chandelier to be. Do you want it to be the main source of light in a room, or mostly decorative? Your decision will depend partly on what other sources of light are available. If you install a dimmer switch on the chandelier, you will have more lighting choices, and this is one of your more energy efficient chandelier lighting options. You can add some table lamps or floor lamps and turn different numbers of the other lights on depending on how bright you make the chandelier’s light.