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Black Chandelier Lighting Had It’s Start Here…

Most of us know what a chandelier is, but very few of us know where these works of art originated. Although coming from very humble beginnings, they became known around the world as not only a symbol of beauty, but of status and wealth as well. Do you want to know the whole story? Hold onto your horses…here we go…

So, just what is a chandelier anyway? In technical terms it is a branch decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture comprising two or more arms bearing lights (quite a mouthful don’t you think). Often complex and elaborate, they can contain dozens of lamps and glass or crystal prisms. The prisms add to the overall design as they illuminate the entire room via the principle of refracted light.

Alta Loma 6 Light Chandelier

Alta Loma 6 Light Chandelier

This beautiful fixture is sure to be the focus in any room. Six irised scavo shades offset the dark ridge bronze finish. Elegant and graceful, this chandelier will complement any decor. ETL listed.

Chandeliers can be either very simple lighting devices or be extremely complex. Want a simple version of the chandelier? Consider the humble beginnings of a wooden cross with spikes on which candles could be secured. You can’t get much more humble or simple than that.

The 10th Century French word Chandelabre (meaning candle) is where the term chandelier is thought to have originated. From the 15th century onwards more elaborate forms of chandeliers started to take form and shape. They became more common in palaces and the homes of the clergy, nobility, and the merchant class. It cost a lot of money to have any form of lighting back in those days when the sun went down, so a lighting system like a chandelier was considered a status symbol to most people.

With advances in the world of glassmaking in the 18th century, lead crystal became much more inexpensive. As the price declined they naturally worked their way into the world of the chandelier. Lead crystal, along with its inherent refractive properties, eventually lead to a new object of desire…the crystal chandelier.

As we enter into the 19th century the gas light became a source of illumination. A gasolier (a portmanteau of gas and chandelier) started to appeared on the scene. Many candle chandeliers were converted to gas versions at this time.

In the 1890’s electricity “lightened our world” (if you will pardon the pun). This too was incorporated into the world of the chandelier. Eventually, fixtures wired only for electricity became standard.

In the years of the 20th and 21st centuries chandeliers (such as the beautiful black chandelier) have become much more elaborate and sophisticated. They still remain a symbol of status for those people who are fortunate enough to own and enjoy their beauty. The Italian Chandelier is but one one exquisite example.

Add A Touch Of Class With A Vintage Iron Chandelier

Perhaps the most elegant and stylish ways to improve your home, if you have the space that is, is to add a vintage iron chandelier. The great thing about the vintage iron chandelier is that it will never go out of style. People have used them effectively to change the interior of their home to feel like a Mediterranean villa or castle. Chandeliers like this are strong and resistant to corrosion, if they are well looked after they will no doubt last forever.

You will be able to find a vintage iron chandelier in a whole range of sizes to suit all the rooms in your house, from large rooms like living and dining rooms, to smaller spaces like porches and hallways. Iron, when it is heated, is one of the most malleable and flexible metals there is, so it is easily shaped into whatever design you can think of.

Before you go ahead and buy a new chandelier you need to work out where it is going to be placed and take measurements from this area. There will need to be a good few inches of gap between the edge of the chandelier and the nearest walls. The light from the chandelier can fade some wallpapers and even char them, in some cases they can even start fires. You should also check out the available supports in the roof where you intend to hang the light. A small chandelier can still weigh quite a bit, so be sure to only fix it to a main support. If the support isn’t strong enough it could cost you a small fortune or be dangerous.

Keeping an iron chandelier clean is pretty simple. A simple solution of warm water, mild detergent and a spot of baking soda will solve any problems you have. Your cleaning rag should only be slightly damp, when you are done you should wipe the chandelier dry, this is vitally important if you live in a humid climate.

Picking a Crystal Chandelier For Your Home

chandalierThere comes a time in your life when you realize how you home looks and the fixtures and fittings that you choose for it make a real statement about your style. There is nothing wrong with being house proud. You work hard for it, and you probably don’t quite realize how much time you spend in your home. This means that you certainly should have it looking the way you want it.

Having a focal point in a room is a real way to make a design statement. The focal point is too often these days a television. Why not bring some tradition back to your home and get yourself a crystal chandelier light.

Crystal chandeliers are timeless design pieces and they look great in any room, whether the décor is traditional or modern. If you choose a good chandelier light you will have something that really makes an impact in your house and will last you for many years.

You can get antique chandeliers. It is always worth consulting a specialist dealer that in knowledgeable about these pieces. It is important to get one for a fair price, that is in full working order. If you consult a few of you local antiques dealers you should be able to find one who has contacts that will be able to find the chandelier of your dreams.

Of course not everyone can afford antiques, so you can get modern crystal chandeliers. These come in a wider variety of designs and these may be a better way to go if you are after a small chandelier for a smaller room, or somewhere with a low ceiling.

When you are considering a crystal chandelier, make sure that you go for something that will make a real difference to your home. Pick a design that looks great, and something that puts across your personal style and you will have a feature to truly be proud of.

Chandelier Lighting Guide

Chandelier lighting has been around for many centuries. This kind of lighting was first used in the middle ages, when crosses made of wood were topped by candles and raised to the ceiling of a room. Chandeliers later became more elegant and featured many long arms with numerous candles. After the 18th century, new techniques for making glass led to crystal chandeliers being very popular. After the advent of gas and electricity as the main source of lighting, chandeliers assumed the modern style, fixed to the ceiling. Today the chandelier light is mostly used for decoration rather than as a principal source of light. Chandelier lighting can be very pleasing to the eye.

chandalierChandeliers offer a superb way to add visual appeal to the center of a room, usually when placed above tables. They are a good choice for a dining room, assuming you have a ceiling that is high enough. You should also make sure the chandelier light is not too large for the room. The style of the chandelier should complement the architectural design of your home rather than be in the hot style of the moment, because styles change and chandeliers are expensive and hard to replace.

You need to decide how much of a source of illumination you want your chandelier to be. Do you want it to be the main source of light in a room, or mostly decorative? Your decision will depend partly on what other sources of light are available. If you install a dimmer switch on the chandelier, you will have more lighting choices, and this is one of your more energy efficient chandelier lighting options. You can add some table lamps or floor lamps and turn different numbers of the other lights on depending on how bright you make the chandelier’s light.