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The Perfect Chair Beds

Recently, I was in a dilemma and desperately needed a new fold-away bed for my family room. Summer was coming very quickly and I was not yet prepared for my family to visit. I needed to find another foldable bed and quick. Unfortunately, I lacked space and couldn’t simply purchase another sleeper sofa because they take up so much room. In fact, my first sleeper sofa is the reason why I lacked space – it is so big it takes up nearly the entire room.

While I admit that I normally do not shop at Neiman Marcus (although I would love to but my finances would not appreciate it much), I do have a regular habit of window shopping on the internet. And it was during one of those web browsing experiences that I discovered the perfect piece of furniture. It was a brown leather seat that had a very relaxed style to it, one of those that you would imagine existed in a classy home library or study from several decades ago. These articles were called Sleeper Chairs, but you know what they really are? They are chair beds! And I bet you would have never guessed.

Unfortunately the price is a bit extreme and I felt guilty purchasing it because I could have bought at least two couches for its price. But the look and style of this chair bed is well worth its cost. I have to simply hope that it holds up for a long time and remains comfortable throughout its use so that I really get my invested money out of it.

It even has a separate ottoman that you can purchase with it. Of course, when I bought mine, the ottoman was out of stock, much to my disappointment. Regardless, I am still happy with my purchase. It fits precisely where I need it to go and its classic style matches my room decor.