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Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floor – Strategies to Keep Your Tiles Looking New

The most recent development in flooring these days and incredibly well known for a number of benefits is ceramic tiles. These come in a variety of colors which contain a glaze on them and thus are extremely appealing. Also, the tiles are popular for their longevity and for that reason; they are widely used on a big scale. Why don’t we check out some ceramic tiles cleaning and repair strategies.

Ceramic tiles require good care as stated before. You have to adhere to particular safety measures to avoid damage to the floors. Listed here is some suggestion which you have to adhere to be able to prolong the life span of your ceramic tiles.

•    It is extremely important to sweep ceramic tiles frequently to avoid dust and filth to get build up in its edges. Soft brushes or vacuum cleaners with no beater bars may be utilized for this specific reason.
•    You should not make use of ammonia or bleach to clean ceramic tile floors for they may result in a chemical reaction.
•    Avoid the use of oil or any oil based items for cleaning ceramic tile floor. It is important to put pads underneath the legs of the furniture to prevent scratching.
•    Frequent need of cleaning grout and caulking is important for ceramic tiles.
•    It is suggested that any leaks or stains on the floor ought to be instantly wiped or mopped.
•    Finally, it might appear insignificant however having pads in the doors significantly assist in avoiding dust from getting in the room and getting built up in between the tiles.

These are a few of the strategies and approaches utilized for cleaning ceramic tile floors. Clean them often will keep them looking better and lasting longer. You will be able to maintain ceramic tiles looking brand new for a long time by using these easy approaches.

Wood, Carpet or Tile Flooring?

The right flooring can definitely give any home a fresh new look.  Many homeowners are faced with a real dilemma trying to decide which is the best flooring for their home.  Each flooring type has both advantages and disadvantages, it really boils down to a number of key factors.  What is your budget, lifestyle and personal taste?

About 80% of homeowners will choose carpet as their major source of flooring simply because its the least expensive.  However you are not limited to choosing just carpet, you can use a combination of carpet, tile and wood flooring throughout your home.  For example, you can lay carpet in the bedrooms, wood flooring in the living areas and tile in all of the wet areas such as baths and kitchen.


Wood flooring can be quite expensive especially if you plan to lay it through your entire home.  Of the available types of flooring it is one of the most durable and long lasting.  Proper care must be maintained because it is prone to scratching and discoloration.  If you keep it shined, dusted and vacuumed you will be fine as the refinishing only needs to be done every 10 -15 years.

Ceramic Tiles
The great thing about ceramic tiles is the available of designs, styles and textures.  Adding ceramic flooring to any home can greatly improve the value.  You are only limited by your own imagination with tile flooring.  One drawback is that during the winter months the tile will feel cold to your bare feet unless you have the extra bucks to put in heated tiles.  If you wide seems between the tile with a light colored grout the tiles may be a little difficult to get and keep clean.  Tile can be bought at really good discount from tile outlet stores.

Carpets when taken care of only needs to be replaced every 10-15 years.  Carpet allows the homeowner a lot of versatility because of the available styles and colors.  Sometimes carpet is not the best choice if your lifestyle is such that it gets high traffic, you have pets or very small children.  Its easy to get carpet installed and carpet is relatively inexpensive.  Carpet maintenance is fairly simple as regular vacuuming and shampooing at least quarterly.

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting the perfect flooring for any room in your home.  The main thing to keep in mind is that your flooring fits your families overall lifestyle.

Bathroom Shower Wall Panels

shower wall panelsWall panels assist in creating the ambiance in any room.  Bathroom shower wall panels are no different and are a great tool that can help any homeowner transform their bathroom when completing a bathroom overhaul or renovation.  They are much easier to install than traditional ceramic tiles and also easier to clean.  They come in many sizes and styles to complement any decor.

Shower panels are usually constructed of UPVC and need to be sealed with a thin layer of silicone sealant to seal corners from water seepage.  This seal will prevent water from entering the joints of the wall panels and creating damage inside the wall.  They are usually designed to be slotted together by tongues and grooves to connect each panel.

UPVC panels have many benefits compared to ceramic tiles.  Aside from being easy and cheap to install, they also have a wipe-able surface.  There is no grout or moulding, so cleaning is effortless.  They also are fairly affordable compared to the price of tiling, and will last many years.

Shower paneling is available in many sizes and styles.  Sizes can range from 250mm x 2.7m to 250mm x 3.0m.  The styles include: wood-grain, marble effect, mosaic effect and plain colors.  There is also the neo angle shower enclosure design that creates a three dimensional affect with glass or marble wall panels.  This design can be customized to any dimension and provide an attractive appearance and versatile shower.

Bathroom shower wall panels are gaining popularity within the industry for their versatile, durable and hygienic qualities.  The panels are a great addition to any bathroom and will make all homeowners proud.  Try searching different forms of paneling online, or simply visit your local home improvement store to price and size the correct panels.  Once you have installed your wall panel of choice, you will know you made a good investment.