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Ideas For Replacing Your Bathroom Sink

There are a wide variety of bathroom sinks from which to choose. Styles include drop in sinks or free standing pedestal sinks. There are several different finishes which can be chosen as well. The wide variety of sinks available makes it easy to decorate the bathroom area of a home or office.

Pedestal sinks have a basin which is situated on a pedestal base. The basin is located at a height which is comfortable. There are also sinks which are designed to be hung directly on to the wall; or a variety of vessel sinks which are free standing on the counter.

Counter top sinks are available in several different styles. Some are constructed to rest on the counter top. These have a metal edge to cover the rim or have a rolled finish edge. Tile in sinks fit flush with a tiled counter top. Some sinks fit to the underside of the counter and are appropriately called under counter sinks.

Sinks can be constructed of any one of a wide variety of materials, not just the more common ceramic sinks. Different metals can be used to make sinks; stainless steel, cast bronze or cast iron are some of the most popular metals. Marble and glass are other popular choices. Sinks are also made from a variety of these natural or man-made stones.

Bathroom sinks are available in a wide variety of shapes. There are oval, round, square or rectangle shaped sinks.

When decorating bathroom vanity areas consideration must also be given to the type of faucet needed. Sinks are drilled with holes for faucets at different distances. The holes for hot and cold water facets are usually 4, 8 or 12 inches apart. Some varieties have a single hole to accommodate single hole faucets. Some types of faucets are mounted directly on the wall or counter top. In these cases sinks will not need to be pre-drilled with any type of hole.