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Central Vacuum Systems Are The Best Option. Ask Lester.

central vacuumI called to see my friend Lester and his wife Jeanne last week.  They were busy pouring over brochures for central vacuum systems. I asked them why they were getting rid of their old vacuum cleaner and Lester said that their daughter Jenny suffers from asthma and that they were looking at ways to cut down the amount of dust in the home.

‘It is not as if we do not keep the house clean’ protested Jeanne.’ I am constantly vacuuming, but I have suddenly realized that the funny smell I always get from the vacuum cleaner is dust re-circulating back into our rooms. In this brochure it says that central vacuum systems take the dust and dirt from the room totally and bring it out to a base unit, which we would probably have in the garage.  You can even vent that air to the outside of the house then if you want.

‘Are these central vacuum systems noisy’, I asked?  Lester replied that no, in actual fact they work out a lot quieter than a regular vacuum cleaner.  If the base unit for a central vacuum system is kept in a service area of the house, then you will not hear it when you are in say the living room watching TV.

He went on to tell me that these systems are very strong because they have a very powerful motor and therefore they can deep clean your home.  And for Jenny’s sake, this is what they want.

‘The funny thing is’, he added, ‘that we reckoned we would not be able to afford a central vacuum system’.  ‘But, when you add up all of the vacuum cleaners we have gone through over the last 10 years or so, we would have been better off to have purchased one of these central vacuum systems a long time ago.  We might have actually saved money’.

When I left them they were trying to decide which central vacuum system they liked the best, and they seemed to have plenty to choose from.