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A guide to buying cellular blinds

cellular blindsCellular blinds are sometimes called honeycomb blinds due to the way they are made. If you look closely at the design pattern of such window shades, you can see that they are made of individual cells that have been glued together using powerful industry adhesive solution. These grouped cells are what give these blinds their name.

There are a number of benefits of the way these blinds are built. Firstly, due to the way they are made, they create pockets of air that can help to increase their insulation capabilities. This helps to keep the house warm during winter and keep the house cool during summer. Secondly, the same mechanism also allows home owners to better control the lights as well. The cellular structure allows light to be better controlled, thus giving you better options to how much light you want to control.

There are different types of cell constructions that you can select from: from one cell to double and triple cell. The higher the cell number, the more insulation and light control that you can have. This means that for countries with numbering cold or scotching heat, the home owners can choose the higher cell construction. However, for normal weather, a single cell construction blind would be more than adequate.

Now, there are different variations of the cellular shades that you can buy. There are the cellular cordless blinds, which comes with no strings. You can control them via the manual movement without the use of strings. There are also blackout cellular blinds that allow these window shades to be completely shut off and blocks out all the light, thus darkening the room. Finally, there are motorized blinds that can be controlled via remote control so that you can move the blinds from anywhere in the room. You can set the timing on these blinds so that they will lower and rise by themselves based on some preset conditions like temperature or light conditions.