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Ceiling Fans with Heaters

ceiling fan with heaterIf you are concerned about adequately heating your home during the cold months, then consider installing one or more ceiling fans with heaters. Installing a device that heats and distributes air or ventilates simultaneously works to heat the targeted area, and to distribute the warm air evenly within that area, resulting in a room that is a comfortable and even temperate.

There are a wide variety of ceiling fans with heaters available to choose from. The style of fan and its mode of operation should be selected based upon its intended location, the area it is intended to cover, and the desired aesthetic.

For large, open spaces such as living rooms or foyers, any appliance that you install should complement and blend into its surroundings. In other words, a ceiling fan that is functional, but industrial looking would not be an appropriate fit. By contrast, there are a number of fans that have built in heaters, but are are traditionally constructed, with large blades that can be set to different speeds depending upon the circumstances. These more traditional looking models effectively conceal the heating mechanism by adding lighting fixtures, and can be an attractive addition to any room with high enough ceilings to comfortably support the fixture.

If the traditional ceiling fan set up is too bulky for the intended space, there are a wide range of smaller fans that are less decorative but very effective. These are the forced air variety of heating fixtures, which push the warm air into circulation. Be aware however, that forced air fans tend to be accompanied by a blowing noise when activated. You will want to compare the noise level of several models before settling on any one model.

Another area where heaters and ventilation devices are popular is the bathroom. Using a heat lamp or fan will help to reduce the chill that can occur before or after a shower, and will also help to reduce the amount of steam that builds up in the process.