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Tips For Using Cedar In Your Closet

If you’re thinking of some closet design ideas like building a high-end closet in your home and you love the fragrant scent of cedar, then you may want to get a better idea of the many ways you can put it to use.

Inserts for shoes can be found made out of cedar and tend to be a very popular item. Not only is the aroma of cedar great for masking the stinky smell of shoes or boots, but cedar is also beneficial in eliminating the very germs and bacteria responsible for the odor. The other plus to using cedar shoe inserts is to help maintain the shape of your shoes and give your closet a tidier appearance.

When visiting your high-dollar hotels and fancy new homes you will often find that the closets are made with cedar liners. Any master bedroom closet design ideas in your home should also include the use of cedar. The closets have a more durable quality when using cedar, and the beautiful cedar planks lining the walls give it a very attractive appearance. Moths and other insects are repelled by the scent of cedar, so you’re closet can smell refreshing while it keeps pests at bay.

Your closet can also have hidden touches of cedar in and around it. For drawers you can place a cedar sachet inside, then there are also hangers for ties and belts made from cedar. Cedar comes in many forms such as balls, chips, or blocks to be used in places like drawers or baskets. These are ways to use cedar without having your whole closet built out of it.

Cedar has a very appealing appearance so if you want to accentuate the look of the wood, try purchasing some cedar hangers. The cedar coat hanger is a very sturdy item and the wood grain for each one is unique, adding to the beauty of the hanger. Along with freshening your closest with the pleasant aroma, the reddish hue will add some complementing color.

Cedar is also very low maintenance, easily keeping it’s aroma and color for many years without any special care for it. If you notice that the cedar is beginning to lose it’s scent after you’ve had it a few years, then you can remedy the problem by lightly sanding the surface of the cedar. By removing a light top layer of the wood, you will release that wonderful fragrance all over again, keeping it smelling fresh time after time.