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Toxic Emissions – A Reason to Go Back to Pine

What are the guiding factors when choosing new bedroom furniture like a single bed? Quality? Design? The size of the mattresses? Have you ever thought to factor environmental impact into your choice. This article will highlight the environmental benefits of choosing pine over popular metal furnishings.

What emissions?

Toxins. Every item of furniture has a manufacturing process, which has a direct impact on the environment. It is unavoidable. We need products but we can reduce the detriment by making the right choices. The atmosphere is degrading. It is our responsibility to take the time to understand that it is our demand that creates the earth’s decay. The toxins born of the direct furniture manufacture of pine is mostly CO2 whereas metal manufacturing produces triple the amount of CO2, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and sulfurous oxide. Plus tonnes of granulated and wet waste that has no function other than to take up space and rot.

What about save the trees and all that?

Photo By: Horiavarlan

Pine, is grown especially in self sustaining farm lots. Grown for the sole purpose of manufacture, saving natural flora of the ecosystem, but also as they are culled, more are planted, creating an endless circle of renewal and regrowth. The wasted chips of pine are recycled to provide the mulch, much like mattresses to beds, providing protection and comfort for the seedlings. Metals are evasively cut from the earth and there is no way to replace it.

Anything else of importance?

Yes, the trees in the continual cycle create more oxygen and help purify and heal the atmosphere. While both pine and metal can be recycled the latter has no benefits other than not contributing to the increasing land fill.

So please don’t put your mattresses on environmental killers, go back to pine. For more environmentally sound information visit the Single Bed Central website.