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Gardening Tips For Protecting Your Plants

deer in gardenGardening is an activity that many people enjoy, whether it is for simple relaxation or to grow their own vegetables for a healthier lifestyle. There is proven therapeutic results that come from tending a garden and spending time outdoors. In order for an individual to maintain the integrity of their garden, the need may arise to take steps to prevent the local wildlife from utilizing it as a restaurant.

One of the biggest culprits in this respect is deer. Not only do they eat the plants but also can cause quite a bit of damage by stepping on the ones that they are passing over to get to the ones they want. While this is by no means intentional, it is still a very real result of them invading a garden or flower bed.

While a fence may seem like the most logical choice, it may not be the most financially feasible. A large garden or piece of property will require quite a few feet of fence and possibly cost much more than a homeowner is willing to spend. There are many other cost-effective methods that may be found to prevent deer from entering and ruining a flower or vegetable garden.

There is a multitude of spray on deer repellents available on the market today and also a wide variety of delivery systems. There are automatic spraying systems that can be strategically placed around the garden and are designed to automatically expedite the delivery of the repellent via motion detectors. These systems also have the ability to be put on a schedule that ensures that the plants get coated, no matter the weather conditions.

For those not willing to go through the effort or expense for an automatic spraying system, there are other less expensive methods available. These are the form of homemade recipes that create a deer repellent mixture that does quite an effect job of deterring deer. Most of these recipes use common household food items such as chili powder or cayenne pepper and cooking oil or eggs a safe and effective repellent.

The use of a soap and water mixture has been found to be very effective in keeping deer away from plants and vegetables. This may be accomplished by using ordinary dish soap and water, then spraying it liberally on the plants. One other very effective method for protecting single trees or even larger areas is by utilizing bars of deodorant soap, strategically placed around the area.

The liquid mixtures will need to be applied to the plants evenly by using some form of spraying method. While hand-held sprayers will work fine for small areas were single plant applications, the use of the 2 gallon pump sprayer will aid in speeding up the process for larger gardens. Most gardeners, if they have done any pest control in the past, will have one of these readily available.

Gardening in and of itself, is a joy to perform for many people but can become quite a chore when deer are thrown in to the mix. By going online, all of the recipes and remedies for repelling deer may be found and browse through. These web sites will also have reviews of the most effective methods from different parts of the country.