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Espresso Machine and Grinders For Great Coffee

So you got a new espresso machine for Christmas but you tried it out and the coffee it produces isn’t as good as the stuff you usually get from the local Starbucks and you want to know why. Well, there are a few reasons why your cappuccino isn’t living up to your high standards, the first of which is that depending on where you live you might be getting spoiled with outstanding coffee every time you go out. Making perfect cappuccino or latte is no easy matter and you can’t expect to create something world beating unless you get a few things right.

coffee grinderOne thing you have to understand is that you might not be able to get the taste you want no matter what you do because home espresso machines just can’t create the pressure needed for great espresso and steamed milk. If you happen to have a very generous relative who bought you a semi-commercial machine then you might just be able to recreate the drink you dream of but you are going to need another component to complete the task.

Many people don’t put enough time and effort into finding a coffee grinder to pair with there coffee maker. This is a mistake as the quality of the grind is super important to the final product. You want to get a conical burr grinder which will give you the most consistent quality, ground at a low speed to preserve flavor and prevent burning. This type of grinder also gives a grind in which the grains are all the same size which is imperative if you are to use an espresso machine successfully.

Don’t be tempted to get a blade grinder instead because you fancy spending less money. These models will grind at a high speed which can cause burning of the coffee and do so inconsistently which leads to variation in the size of the grains. Burr coffee grinders are more expensive but the quality they provide means they are worth cash and prove to be a valuable investment for any coffee lover.