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Are You Ready to Buy a White Bunk Bed?

We all make mistakes and I’m sure that there isn’t one of us who doesn’t regret a single buying decision. It would be helpful if somebody could warn us of some of the simple pitfalls before we stumble into a bad purchase. A friend of mine recently bought the wrong childrens bunk bed and that has prompted me to compose this simple little quiz to help others from making the same mistakes. See how well you do and if you’re ready to buy that bunk bed.

Question 1
Before choosing the right bunk bed for your kids bedroom do you…

a) Redecorate the whole room so that it matches the design of the stylish bed you’ve had your eye on?
b) Measure out the dimensions of the room and compile a shortlist of beds that will comfortably fit?
c) Ask your parents to dig out your old bunk bed out of storage and have it shipped over? Why waste any more money.

The answer is, of course b. There’s no point in getting any bunk bed anywhere near your child’s bedroom, or making any interior design plans, before you have checked to see if your new bed will even fit comfortably into the bedroom.

Question 2
When choosing the right bunk bed do you…

a) Sit down with your kids with a catalogue, or online, and get their feedback on what type of bunk bed they like the most?
b) Discuss with your partner the overall design scheme of your house and decide between you which bunk bed would best suit?
c) Ask your parents to dig out your old bunk bed out of storage and have it shipped over? After all it was good enough for you.

I hope you answered a. ultimately the bunk bed is for your kids. You wouldn’t let them choose your bed and I hope you will let them help in choosing theirs. Otherwise they will not treat it with respect.

Question 3
At the point of making the final decision on your bunk bed do you…

a) Ask your parents to dig out your old bunk bed out of storage and have it shipped over? You’re sure it’s still in good condition.
b) Make sure you’re happy with the price and delivery costs and trust that it’s a quality bed?
c) Pay attention to the way the bed is constructed, particularly as regards the ladder and safety rail.

If you didn’t answer c then think again. Accidents do happen and you’re buying something that your children could fall from. Make sure the bed is sturdy, that there’s no gap between the safety rail and the mattress and that the ladder is easy and safe to use. For info on a nice stylish white bunk bed visit whitebunkbed.com.

There you go, well done. If you answered correctly, or even if you didn’t , you’re ready to get your kids a bunk bed.