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Why You Should Know About Brushed Nickel Knobs

What if brushed nickel knobs didn’t exist?  Twist your imagination and fill it up with any thought process that this scenario could possibly offer.   Brushed nickel door knobs could seem just little elements that can go unnoticed for the rest of one’s lifetime, but these are powerful enough to carry the weight of a large mahogany door and oak wood cabinet panels.  Now, envision your drawers without pull handle bars or doors that do not have anything to swing them open.

A brushed nickel knob as tiny as a jack-stone ball often found in petite drawers for the young ones may be that small but their function is of great importance.  The knob facilitates the opening and closing of doors and cabinets and without them, you might find yourself bordering on violent maneuvers just to open your kitchen cabinet to get your bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Knobs or handles may seem trivial items to warrant your attention in case you decide on having a makeover.  But they do play an important role and they would not be invented for nothing.  These small articles have several functions at home that could go on a large scale notwithstanding its size.  Imagine your cabinets being “knob-less;” the word may contain “noble” which could be appropriate for their purpose.  Without one, doors and drawers will remain closed for the most part.  Unless drawers opened with a clap or the sound of one’s voice, then knobs will continue to be a necessity.

Just keep the imaginative juices running and visualize yourself running towards the nearest public comfort room for an unexpected call of nature, sweat trickling down your skin and feeling victorious as the door looks bigger and bigger, only to find out that there is no lever to pull the door open?  It would be impossible not to have one in the design, but a broken handle could certainly be foreseeable.  Now, are they really just trivial or what?