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Advantages of Brick Siding

There are many advantages when it comes to installing brick siding on your home. Brick siding has been the traditional type of siding for homes for centuries, and for good reasons. Some of these reasons include the following:

1. Durability

Brick house siding is very durable. When compared to other types of siding there really is not comparison–brick simply just last longer, and in many cases it lasts a lot longer. For example, if you compare the durability of brick vs T 111 siding, you will find an enormous difference in the longevity of brick vs T111. In addition, brick is also much more durable than vinyl siding options.

2. The Look

This is probably the most common reason why people choose to install brick home siding vs other types of siding–nothing will give you the same look and feel that brick does. Brick not only is strong and durable, but it looks strong and durable and exudes a sense of lasting when installed properly. These are qualities that almost all homeowners care about and thus are reasons to choose brick.

3. Low Maintenance Requirements

There may not be an easier type of siding to maintain. For one, (as we have already talked about) brick siding lasts for a very long time and is very weather resistant. You don’t have to worry about brick peeling away or being dented or scratched like you do with other types of siding. The only thing that you should consider doing in order to protect your brick is to apply a clear coat of water repellent. Because bricks are porous there is a small potential for issues if you live in a very wet climate area.

Overall, choosing brick house siding can be a great choice for you–it will look great, last a long time, and will not require a lot of maintenance. However, it will cost more up front so make sure you take that into consideration before you make your final decision.