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Make Your Statement With a Table Lamp

brass table lampIt’s hardly surprising that one of the first things that your brain picks up on when you walk into a room is the quality of the light. The next thing you do is look for the light source and when you have decorated the room with a table lamp that is worthy of notice you should be content in the knowledge that you have chosen a lamp of great character and style.

There are many styles of table lamps that can complement the rest of the room without being too overbearing. While you might want your pair of brass table lamps to look like fine works of art you’d probably prefer they didn’t overshadow the rest of the room. Primarily the lamps you choose should perform the important task of providing the room with enough illumination. The next task they should achieve is to fit in with the rest of the décor.

Finding a table lamp (or a pair) that stands out in the room as a stylish piece that adds to the room’s appeal is a valuable find indeed.

It is not uncommon these days to find lamps that are bold and brass whereas in the past it was almost impossible to find one that was topped with a lampshade colored anything but white. Bright and bold colors have taken over along with different materials such as the very popular colored glass that distinguishes Tiffany lamps.

A similar adventurousness has also happened with the lamp bases, particularly in the retro era where all kinds of experimentation led to an anything goes attitude. From this era we have seen materials such as chrome, Lucite and sheet metal all be used with equal attitude. Beaded table lamps are just as accepted as a pottery base with a white linen lampshade and in the right room either would look just fine.

The trend has continued with a tendency to use the table lamp as an opportunity to make the statement in the room rather than with a vase or statue.