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A Brief Guide to Shopping for Bombe Chest Furniture

Bombe chests, also known as Bombay chests, are considered to be unique curved shaped furniture’s that can add an exotic flair to anyone’s home décor. Having the right bombe chest greatly accents and enhances your bedroom and any other living space where you have a considerable amount of space to spare.

The Wildon Home has many beautiful chests that are finished in antique oak, rich cherry and rich tobacco, and has several pieces of black bombe chest such as the Yamhill secretary. This particular antique chest can provide you a lot of storage space because it consists of three various sized drawers; it also consists of brass finished hardware and can even make room to store your laptop. The designs may be different, but whichever one you decide on purchasing, each will provide you with the right antique look.

Unique characteristics such as an acanthus leaf carving and carved scroll feet are found in the Powell Masterpiece. This chest has a three-drawer bombe hall chest that consists of a Louis XV double bombe shape. The hand painted floral three-drawer hall chest is another great example of designs that are available in its Masterpiece collection.

For designs that are fit for a king, Homelegance is known to offer the Prince Edward bombe chest that consists of an hour-glass styling and hand-carved accents which are topped by an all black-veined marble. The three drawers offer a lot of storage space and its medium brown finish compliments any theme of a room in the house or hallway.

You have other options that you can choose from such as Chantilly chests from the Butler Heritage collection. The classic and antique French style is created from select solid woods and veneers so that the hand-carved details and brass-plated hardware remains protected. This is a great item especially if you are aiming for an antique look.

Bombe chests for sale today can be purchased anywhere and from several different major companies. In addition to the brands already mentioned above, other companies include Heatherbrooke, Pulaski Accents, and Woodbridge Home Designs. Whichever piece that you decide to buy, bombe chest accents offer a great storage solution and will definitely add a touch of unique style and elegance to any room in your home.