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Update Your Bathroom with a New Shower Curtain

When wishing to update your bathroom, one of the simplest ways, and the one that has the most impact, is to put up a new shower curtain. You may want to buy a long shower curtain as they do cover more than the shorter curtains and tend to look better in your bathroom.

You might like to choose from the many unique shower curtains on the market. They are a great way to give a new look to your bathroom. Most people usually give a fresh look to their bathroom by getting a new shower curtain as the first step to the update. This makes a lot of sense as the first thing you notice when you walk into a bathroom is the shower curtain. It seems to set the tone for the rest of the room.

So once that is selected you can then build the rest of the decor around the color or pattern of the new shower curtain. The sky truly is the limit as far as the type of shower curtain you choose; there is such a vast array to choose from.

Depending on your taste and how you want the rest of the bathroom to look, you can choose patterns that have matching accessories to get a themed look to your bathroom, or you may prefer bold unique shower curtains that make an impact on their own without the need to accessorize in a particular theme. You may just work with the colors that are in it to bring the whole look together.

You could use bold stripes or shapes to give a more abstract look to your bathroom and continue the colors through with matching towels and mats, and then just use solid colors that match one of those in the curtain for the smaller bathroom accessories.

Or you could use a curtain with a particular pattern that’s printed onto the top and bottom of shower curtain like a border each end, and then have that pattern repeated in the accessories you put in the bathroom.

Giving a new look to your bathroom is as easy as getting yourself a new shower curtain along with a few matching or contrasting accessories.