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Why Own Murano Chandeliers?

Not just made of glass but crafted by master craftsmen who have spent countless hours molding, blowing and shaping hot glass to create magic. When you own a murano glass chandelier, you not only own something classy and elegant but also a piece of fixture that is guaranteed to give your room a sensational effect. Murano glass chandeliers are a piece of art not easily replicated.

Murano is a Venetian Island based on the east of Venice, and Murano glass chandelier is a product of this island. This island is famous for its lamp work. Master glass blowers have been blowing on hot glass for generations and adopted techniques such as crystalline and enameled glass, glass with gold threads running through it, multicoloured glass, milk glass, and glass imitation gemstones.

For those who understand the art of glass making and want to add opulence and uniqueness to their lifestyle should own a murano glass chandelier. If you have a murano in the room it becomes the focus of attention and awe due its intricate design. Many new designs and shapes have been introduced over a period and you can chose a red murano glass chandelier, a white murano glass chandelier or a black murano glass chandelier -rest assured you will own something par excellence. Murano glass chandeliers are exclusive, traditional, artistic and classy.

The passion is old but the techniques are new keeping in mind the changing taste and fashions. No matter how contempory or modern you want your room to look, there is a murano that suites your taste and made just for your need, all you need to do is look for it! They are classy and traditional at the same time modern. This can be vouched by the new designs and hues the murano glass chandeliers are available in. So why should you own a murano glass chandelier? The answer is quite simple – to have the wow factor for your room, to couple classiness, elegance with modern art and texture.

Murano glass chandeliers are one of a kind and handmade. Limited editions of works are produced by skilled masters such as AfroCelotto, Lina Tagliapietra, Oscar Zanetti and Luca Vidal. Some of the Murano glass blowing companies to look for are Toso, Salviati, Venini, and Barovier.

There are many dealers you can find online that deal with murano glass chandeliers; you have to be the one to see which one fits your home perfectly to give you the special effect that you are looking for.