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Effective Mold and Mildew Removal

Appropriate mold and mildew removal in the home is very important especially if there are children and pregnant women in the home. This is because mold has some severe health risks for pregnant women, children and the elderly. Mold can also be a lot more dangerous than usual to those with some kind of respiratory condition like asthma. All such people can be severely affected by mold and it can produce some dire consequences. This is why mold infestation must be regarded as a very serious problem and the people should be saved from the infestation in every way possible. If the infestation is over an area of ten square feet or less, you can take care of the infestation on your own but if it is any more than that then it means the problem is severe and only professionals should be able to handle it. This is the problem with mold removal in home – you need to make it an urgent problem to ensure that every one in the home is safe from the common side effects and reactions. Mold can also be the cause of certain allergic reactions and every one pretty much reacts to mold in a different way – this is why it might be a little difficult to detect at times – there is no one symptom for mold infestation in the home.

Mold can seem quite harmless but actually can it severely ruin a lot of things. Most items that mold attacks are not always saved by the removal of the mold. Especially porous items of all kinds like tiles, wooden items and other similar items might be ruined by mold to a very severe extent and would needed to be thrown out in most cases. This is because mold can get into the deep crevices of these objects and no matter what mold removal product you use or how you try to get it out, these things cannot be salvaged. Even if you keep the stained item, it might have mold re-growth because it won’t be properly destroyed. There are special kinds of removers and black mold removal products for toxic black mold but no mold clean up should be attempted without making use of the right kind of protective gear. This gear should include a few basic items like a respirator, gloves, out wear and protective eye gear. The outer wear should be any old outfit that can be discarded and taken off easily. The protective eye wear should have a hole for ventilation in it so there is no chance of fogging and deterring visibility but it should protect you from mold spores in the air. The gloves should be as long as possible, reaching to at least the forearms and the material will depend on the kind of cleaning solvent you are using. The respirator should be a standard N 95 respirator.

You can conduct mold and mildew removal on your own if you have the right mold removal products.

Possible Side Effects of Black Mold Exposure

Black moldBlack mold, which is sometimes referred to by others as mildew or even toxic mold, can have a lot of damaging health effects if not caught early.  The two main causes of black mold are moisture and a lack of ventilation.  These two, when occurring at the same time, will cause black mold to slowly develop.  If it is not caught early on in the growth of it, the mold will continue to spread across the surface that it is residing on, and become a lot bigger problem.

The reason that black mold causes issues is not so much of the mold itself, but when it feeds on the surfaces inside your home.  The mold grows and spreads by continually feeding on the surface.  The process of feeding causes a chemical known as VOCs to be released, which is harmful to humans and animals.  As noted before, it causes a lot of health issues, and here are some of those issues:

Respiratory Problems:  The release of the VOCs from black mold can cause a variety of respiratory problems for individuals who are exposed to black mold.  Labored breathing can be a side effect, as well as lung degeneration with long-term exposure.

Allergies: Black mold has also been linked to an increase in possible allergies in people.  Allergy symptoms include coughing, runny nose, sinus headaches, and itchy eyes.  If you usually don’t suffer from allergies, if you are experiencing allergies during seasons that you normally do not experience them, or if you are chronically experiencing allergies, then I would do the following two things.  First I would contact a medical professional and discuss with them your concerns about black mold exposure.  Then, I would also contact a professional to begin removing black mold from your home.  If you are already suffering symptoms, then you should do attempt to kill the black mold yourself.

Mold Removal Company Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

It’s already enough to have to deal with the discovery of mold in your home. But it’s even more discerning to know that you cannot trust just any mold removal company to help you clean up your home. In fact, due to the high concerns for toxic mold, many companies are taking advantage of homeowners by using ineffective products and adding fake problems to your bill. Here’s how to avoid scamming companies.

Because companies didn’t need licensing requirements or have to have any standards for mold testing or to remove the mold, several states have started to crack down on this issue and required that a contractor be certified and licensed. And while not every state requires a license or certification, you should ask for one anyway before you hire that professional. If they can’t provide one or at the very least, they don’t have several great references, move on.

Another big issue is the fact that many of these mold removal companies are offering both mold inspection and mold remediation services. If that’s the case, you’re better off looking for a specialist who only does one, not both.

Because it’s all too easy to provide false testing data for mold and remove mold using chemicals that don’t work, you should ask for a copy of the testing just in case there’s a problem and ask for a list of the black mold removal products they used. Then if you’re able to remain near your home during the clean up process, check to see if the products they listed are the same ones they’re using. If not, start asking questions.

You also want to make sure that there is a written contract that states everything done in your home. Make sure it’s down to exact detail including the materials that were used. Otherwise the contractor may list items you never requested on the bill.

And when in doubt, you can always ask for a reliability report for that mold removal company from the Better Business Bureau.