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Biometric Door Locks

Until recently, biometric door locks were something out of a science fiction novel or movie. Technology has now advanced to the point where fingerprint identification is more common and can be integrated into home or business security systems. Security of your home or any other place you have a key for is not fully safe until you have a biometric door lock installed. With crimes being a part of our world, on everyone’s mind is how to keep themselves and their families safe. Deadbolts and chains aren’t going to keep a predator out of your home, but that new lock you saw on the internet that uses fingerprints to open will. In the past have you ever lost a key or had to change your lock for another reason? Say goodbye to those days! With this product you will never have that problem.

This product has so many added bonuses too. This product has features that allow you to load multiple fingerprint patterns, and even view who came and went and what times. Worried about power bills? Don’t! The lock works with few batteries and has an amazing life expectancy. Not only is the product convenient and never has to be replaced, but your security and your personal belongings will finally be protected technology, and there’s just no way around that. The door handle is even removable to be more geared toward what handed user you are (right or left). The system is installed with a backup so if anyone other than the allowed user tries to access your finger pad, they will be locked out in more ways that one! You can even delete users you no longer what allowed to access your home or place of business. Visit biometric door lock for more information. You may also be interested in motion detector alarm information as well.