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Bean Bags Are The Perfect Dorm Room Accessory

Bean bags and related furniture have grown up and go to college now. These make a great accessory to any dorm room for three reasons; they are versatile, they are colorful and they fit any body style. Best of all, they remind the student of home, the warmth of family and friends and good times.

This chair is perfect to sit in, to lounge in or to take a nap on. These come in different sizes and shapes with different fillings, depending on the manufacturer.  It can sit in a corner of the room, slide under the bed or hide in a closet

Coverings can be vinyl, denims, cottons, suede, fleece and faux fur in solid colors or prints. These colors and prints can be quiet, elegant, bold, shocking or stately, match or contrast the décor; each can be personalized to work the owner’s personality.  Many are machine washable or just require a quick wipe with a damp cloth to clean.  Some inner linings are waterproof.  These coverings can be changed when the student changes the decor without purchasing a whole new piece.

When the college student is alone and using the chair to relax in or to study in, the chair will support the body completely in any position. These are a one-size-fits-all product; they will fit all bodies and body types. Bean bag furniture comes up to 8 feet in length; even the tallest athlete can comfortably stretch out on this furniture.  Each person customizes the bean bag furniture with his or her own body shape and size.

These comfortable chairs and furniture are ready for visitors to sit on and the student to relax in or slide out of the way when not in use.  They make a dorm room fun and bright and hide away when not in use. Visit http://beanbagchairsofa.com/ to find the perfect bean bag for you!