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Kids Chairs–Growing Pains with Furniture

kids beanbagUnlike most of the furniture in your house, a kids chair has to be appropriate for the age of the child. For example, anyone can sit on a couch and watch TV (although if you put your baby on a couch you had better be there with them). But can you imagine a high-school student using the same high chair as when they were a toddler? Today, we will look at some of the different chairs that children use at different stages in life.

It’s almost impossible to think of babies without thinking about a rocking chair. They get burped there; they fall asleep there; in short, they’re soothed there. Because of that, a lot of people end up buying a kids rocking chair that rocks like the adult sized rocking chair, only it is smaller. I tend to think this is a bad idea because kids and climbing go hand and hand. One minute you’re doing dishes and the next your hearing screams as your little one has used their small rocking chair for a stepping stool only to be thrown off to bang their head on the corner of their toy box. Some might say that’s overly cautious, but why risk a concussion.

Another chair that’s popular with kids are bean bag chairs. They’re super comfortable for watching TV, wrestling and jumping on, or maybe reading a book. But just like kids and climbing go hand in hand, so do kids and messes. Your bean bag chair for kids should have a stain resistant, removable outer cover that’s easy to throw in the washing machine.

The last kind of chair is something you can buy but is much better if you can find it used (especially in real wood) and refinish it, e.g., repaint, yourself. Children love things with their name on it, and a hand-refinished personalized kids chair is just the ticket. I re-did a Goodwill-found chair, in sea-foam green with my daughter’s name stenciled in gold lettering and she still drags that chair around with her everywhere in our house.

Like growth notches in a door frame, chairs grow with the child and in hindsight will spark many memories. I’ll always remember the many slumber parties I’ve had with my friends, sitting on our bean bag chairs and playing video games or the sight of my mom rocking my little brother to sleep in her rocking chair.