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Wicker Furniture is Still in Style

In spite of what some people might think, the wicker chair is still very much in style. And it has been in style for a long time. Actually, wicker has been used since Victorian times. Made from rattan, bamboo or willow, the branches are into many shapes and designs, using a frame as the base. While a good craftsman is needed for creating quality wicker and intricate designs, the basics of the designs can be learned in a short time.

Wicker furniture can be a good investment, lasting a long time with proper care. Wipe up spills when they occur, using a damp cloth with mild soap. If your wicker is unsealed, be sure to work fast as it can be absorbed quite quickly. Clean your wicker with the brush attachment of your vacuum. Move the brush in the same direction of the weave.

Since wicker, when dry, can crack or split, regularly wipe your furniture with a damp cloth. Since wicker furniture is made with natural materials, old dusty, grimy wicker can be washed with mild soap and rinsed, gently and carefully, with a garden hose. When done, let the furniture drain and then blot it dry with a cotton cloth.

It is also popular to use wicker for outdoor furniture. A wicker beach chair is durable, strong, yet lightweight, making them easy to move outside during the warm weather and back inside when it is time for storage. While plastic furniture could be a cheaper option, it in no way has the visual appeal that wicker beach chair would have.

There are many resources on the Internet that can give you additional information on how to care for your wicker furniture. Properly maintained, your wicker can give you many years of comfort and enjoyment and will be a great investment for your home.