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Tips on Buying a Bathroom Shower Radio

Some people enjoy listening to music or news while taking a bath. This is more relaxing and fun than usual bathing without music or anything to listen to. After all, multitasking has never been this relaxing.

There are different types of shower radio. They differ in features, sound quality, and water resistance. If you want to choose the right model, here are some tips to just that. There are many traditional walk in shower enclosures that are sold even until today, so it is no wonder radios are being designed to be used in them. Some people who prefer portable music can go for MP3 players and the like. There are models that are water proof.

The price ranges from ten to seventy dollars. It depends on the model and the feature you are going to buy. Popular brands include Memorex, Curtis, Sony, Panasonic, Sangean, Coby, and Protocol to name the least.

These radios can also be used at the beach and other places where water is very much present. You can enjoy it when you’re at the poolside getting a tan, in the kitchen, on a cruise, on a garden camping, and so on.

Most of these portable radios work on standard batteries. This includes AAA, AA, C, and D. Portable radios with C or D batteries can work for months without charging. AA batteries can also last for days and even weeks depending on the frequency of use. Some radios can be powered by AC electrical mains. Others can be rechargeable.

In choosing the radio, you should always consider how splash proof and water resistant it is. You will also need to think about where you want to use it and for what reason. Lifestyle is another thing to consider when it comes to choosing portable radios. You may want to think about where you want to bring it in and which places you are most likely to use it.

When it comes to shower radios, there are two main categories. One is the splash proof or water resistant and the other is waterproof. Waterproof radios tend to be more expensive and difficult to find compared to the splash proof ones.

If you are out to buy any if these two types, you must look for certification by IPX or JIS. There are government and military tests that approve these waterproof radios. Look for that guarantee and you can rest assured it is a quality radio.

General Information on Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiles

Having bathroom tile designs that are enticing and appealing adds a spice to the overall look of your bathroom. Begin with decorating the main wall rest room tile that may be created using materials such as ceramic, marble, limestone or porcelain. Smaller sized tiles had been in style, however currently even the bigger ones are principally used and you’ve got a large variety of patterns to be selected.

Ornamental bath room tile for the walls nearly has limitless choices to be accomplished. You’ll be able to design the wall tile holding a selected theme such as an ocean design exhibiting on the borders of the tile the characteristic of a sea shells, floral designs with flowers, etc. Any pattern you may have in your thoughts for a tile with a certain style and look, you will search for it, and such are the choices for a toilet wall tile.

Overall touch of the tile additionally makes it more appealing. Glossy finishing was a most widely utilized wall tile. The recent trend is searching for extra matte or rustic finish. Toppled type of marble or polished limestone not only shows a casual look but also a remarkable quality.

Ceramic tile designs go nicely with the natural ones. Granite can be a better choice as well. For a more elegant look, you may select a tumbled marble. On the other hand, for borders or accents, that is positioned randomly. However, for an entire wall, take into account metal or glass tiles.

Right mixture is always necessary while you use varying materials. Shades, textures and hues are the important thing to this blend. You selection might include varieties from pure, ceramic supplies to glass or marble until the color and work appear in balance. Have the pattern planned very properly in advance in order that you’ve got the correct mixture of the required supplies.

Wet Room Kits – Not for The Novice

wetroom kitsWet room kits are for a very select group of “do it yourself” home improvement junkies. There are, indeed, many of the DIYers out there today who are always up for a good challenge and really enjoy their projects. They are up for anything and are always excited to tackle the next educational project. These are not kits made for these folks.

Wet Room Solutions

The truth is that they are not easily come by for the novice installer. IT can take a lot of projects before an installer, or a home improvement junkie for that matter, is able to provide solutions to issues unique to an installation of this kind. They need to have a portfolio of solid experience behind them dealing with all the challenges that these modern bathrooms dish out to the lucky installer. It is the experience behind them that allows them to see potential issues in design and construction and adjust accordingly before they become a detrimental financial reality. The average or even above average “Do it yourself” individual isn’t able to pick up on these subtle issues that are ahead of them, and they end up costing themselves time, money, and a lot of frustrations.

Wet Room Kits

They are, in general, for two groups of people. They are provided for the advanced and experienced DIY folks and they are also intended, believe it or not, for the professional installer. While it may be obvious as to why they are marketed to the Do It Yourself crowd, it may not make sense at first as to why the kits are also intended for the experienced professionals. It is a way to provide convenience to the professional. The installer can have the kit shipped to the location of the remodel. This saves the installer precious time, not only in delivering the parts, but also in the time saved finding all the parts.

Remodeling The Bathroom For A Modern Look

modern bathroomAchieving a modern or contemporary look in the bathroom is high on the list of priorities when it comes to home renovation plans. Many people, however, are not quite sure how to make the bathroom look modern. In this article we shall address these uncertainties and look at how to bring your bathroom up to date.

One of the first areas to look at is the color scheme. One of the quickest and easiest ways to start is to visit the local home improvement store and take a look at the swatches of color. This will give you a good idea of what is available and the combinations that work well together. The amount of natural light you have will influence your color selection. A lot of natural lights means you can get away with dark colors but less light and you want to move to the lighter end of the scale.

When you decide on which colors you think will work best, you then need to look at how you are going to decorate. The most popular choices are to just paint, tile or even add wallpaper. The next is the flooring. The three main choices are tiling, wood and carpet. Although wood is my favorite, it can be prone to water damage. As such, wood effect laminate flooring is a good alternative. I tend to stay clear of carpeting due to issues, again, of water damage and more importantly, hygiene.

Now you know what your color scheme will be and what materials you will be using to decorate, the next aspect to look at is the bathroom suite. There are so many beautiful styles and designs of suites available it can sometimes be quite overwhelming. The important point is to choose something not just on its aesthetics but on its functionality. Also, decide on whether you want a bath, shower, combination of the two or for something more luxurious like steam showers.

The next choice to make is regarding the fixtures and fittings. In the contemporary bathroom, chrome finish or stainless steel are the materials to go for. It is important to make sure the fixtures on all the different components of the bathroom suite match. Brass should normally be left for the antique, period looking room.

When looking at the shower, one of the latest fashions is to use a rain shower head. They are much larger than you typical shower head but go in the modern bathroom very well. If you just need something to wash your hair, the rain variety can be found as a hand held model.

The next step is to choose the bathroom accessories. It is important that all of these should match. Glass mirrored bathroom cabinets are a very stylish yet functional accessory. Making sure all items such as toilet brushes and bins match will make sure you get that final appearance looking perfect.

Give Your Bathroom a Treat

bathroomBathrooms get old fast if you do not care for them. Make sure that you look after yours well and it will stay looking good for years. But if it is too late and your bathroom is showing signs of neglect, it’s time to revive it with some intensive treatment!

1. Get Rid of the Junk

Bathrooms suffer a lot from too much clutter. Somehow every product we have ever used and every unwanted gift of toiletries seems to end up on the edge of our bath, sink or windowsill. It really does nothing for your bathroom to have all these items on display. You are not trying to sell the stuff like a drugstore. Take it all away and put it in a box for now.

2. Give Your Bathroom a Good Clean

Once you can actually see the surfaces in your bathroom, it’s time to give them a good clean. This is surely the most unpleasant part of the exercise but put on your rubber gloves, grit your teeth and get to work with some strong cleaning products. If that is against your green principles then you will have to use extra elbow grease but you will get there anyway if you work hard. If the grout and silicone seals still look grubby after all your cleaning and bleaching then you may have to replace these but it will look like you have a new bathroom when you do, so it is worth it.

3. Update it with Accessories

Treat your “new” bathroom to one of the wonderful bathroom accessories sets there are around these days. You will find bathroom sets in so many different colors and finishes that you are bound to find something you love. Pick a color and then match it up with some new soft towels for an all round coordinated look. Your bathroom should look great now.

4. Sort Out the Storage

Of course, you still have the problem of all those bottles and jars that are languishing in a box. Get rid of the ones you never use and for the rest, storage is the answer. Treat your bathroom to a vanity unit or set of drawers. Even a basket will do if that is enough to hide them all away. And if all else fails, put them in a closet outside of the bathroom to keep your bathroom looking neat.

Types of Luxury Bathroom Vessel Sinks

bathroom_vesselVessel sinks are a contemporary feature in the bathroom which often gives a Japanese inspired look. The sophistication and elegance of these designs creates an Asian flair which complements different styles of finishes and faucets. There are a number and designs and materials available and can provide a stunning centrepiece for the bathroom.

They have a distinctive three dimensional appeal as the bowl appears to be sitting on top of the counter surface. They are produced in a variety of materials but commonly granite, stone, glass and marble. They give an air of unique, sophisticated elegance.

Bathroom vessel sinks can vary in size, but most commonly they are approximately five to six inches high and fifteen to eighteen inches in diameter. Due to their size and shape, however, they are often not splash proof and is often the case of form over function. It is possible to buy a deeper bowl but you will find most have the above dimensions. Although they have this minor disadvantage, the appearance often more than makes up for it.

The principle materials used for vessel sinks are: Granite, Stone, Marble, and Onyx:

The granite vessel sinks are cut from a single piece of granite and polished to a high sheen. They will give the bathroom a stunning contemporary earthy look. They come in many different shades from black and grey to pink and orange. Sat on an oak vanity with polished stainless steel or chrome faucets, they are simply stunning.

The stone vessel sinks are often hand chiseled which makes each one unique. They have a lot of texture on the outside due to this hand finishing. They come in many colors and rock or pebble style adding a natural look. They look good with matte finished or polished stainless faucets.

Marble sinks are very popular and give a more luxurious appearance. There is a huge range of colors, from dark, giving a modern look, to light, giving a more traditional look. Mosaic style sinks are the result of enhancement with marble cubes.

Onyx sinks are the ultimate in sinks, giving the best Japanese inspiration. Not only can you find the traditional bowl shaped sinks but also square and flat, sushi plate like, varieties. To finish the look use chrome or polished stainless steel faucets.

Sink installation can be a tricky business and involves a bit of plumbing. Any mistakes could be expensive and so I would advise using the services of a professional plumber. This way you will get a properly installed sink and something of beauty to last you years.

The Modern Walk In Shower Enclosure

Walk in showewalk in showerrs are a new and modern feature in the bathroom, which can transform a boring bathroom into a luxury suite in a short period of time. The advancement of science and technology has given us great opportunities to make our life more comfortable. The presence of a shower in the bathroom can change the whole atmosphere of the bathroom into something really comfortable and inviting.

Walk in shower enclosures are available in different models with different capacities. They can come in small units to accommodate one person to larger enclosures capable of fitting a number of people in. Turkish baths and saunas are offered by some ultra modern models, but at a premium. A shower stall with multiple shower jets to pamper and massage the body is a very popular feature. Installing a shower in a bathroom is not a complex process and doesn’t require a great deal of expertise.

The walk in shower cubicles are often made of materials such as steel and aluminum. Acrylic shower trays are also popular because of their visual impact and low costs.

Shower screens are also important to provide privacy and as a means to prevent the water going everywhere other than in the shower cubicle

Shower doors enhance the appearance of the shower and the room itself. They exist in different sizes, the most popular being 760 mm wide. There are also a variety of finishes in the glass itself, such as: smoke, rough, opaque or transparent. The frames are often made of waterproof materials and are resistant to rust, which gives them a durability and reliability. Most doors come with a guarantee which is a testament to their lasting quality.

Usually showers are available as single units, but it is possible to buy the different parts separately and assemble them according to you own needs and wishes.