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Curtains And Window Treatments

bathroom-window-curtainNothing can change the whole look of a room faster than new curtains and window treatments. Sure, you can paint the place. But if you still have to look at some ratty old kitchen tier curtains and blinds while you gaze out the window, you have wasted your time.

Some people opt for a simpler style and just go with decorative blinds or eyelet curtains. This can work in the right environment. But using a curtain with a color that compliments the blind is always a nice touch. Make sure the colors contrast, though; you don’t want them to blend into one. The colors should different to be seen and appreciated. This can even be accomplished by using  curtain tie backs.

Swags are also an option. If done right, they can really add to the overall look and feel of a room. There is a danger in using too heavy of a fabric, though, and overpowering the window. Swag color can be a little tricky. This is particularly true if you are already trying to match a blind and curtain.

A good rule of thumb is to use the heaviest, darkest color with the swag. This will frame the top of the window and seem to focus the light so even when you have the blinds pulled and the curtains drawn, the window has good definition.

A thicker, bolder colored swag will also allow you to introduce a more masculine feel to the room and help balance out the living space if the décor is overly feminine. For most people, a good mix of male and female styles and colors make for a more comfortable home. The key is not to overdo it either way.

Curtains and window treatments can certainly transform a room, but it takes a bit of thought. Take some time and experiment. You will find the right balance. It will just feel right.