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Three Types of Washable Rugs

There is quite a craze for washable rugs of all kinds these days and that is no surprise. A washable rug simply makes our life easier. When the rug gets dirty we can deal with it either with a good dose of soap and water or by simply picking up the rug and washing it like a piece of clothing in the washing machine. This is so much better than squirting stains with a carpet cleaning solution and hoping they come out or having to call in a specialist rug cleaner.

There are a number of different types of washable rugs, each suitable for a different purpose around the home. Like everything you buy for your home you need to think about your requirements before diving in and choosing products. For example, here are just three types of washable rugs and how you might use them:-

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are great for leaving outside all year. They add decoration and comfort to your patio or decking area and they soften the hard surface in terms of how it looks as well as how it feels underfoot. These rugs can be washed with a garden hose (and soapy water if necessary) and left to dry in the fresh air.

Kids Shaggy Rugs

Kids’ shaggy rugs are generally made of soft cotton, generally the kind of fabric used for t-shirts. Hundreds of short strips of cotton are attached to a backing material to give the rug it’s shaggy appearance. Once the rug gets dirty, as it is bound to do in a kid’s room, it can be washed easily in the washing machine.

Bathroom Rugs

You probably did not think of a bathroom rug as a washable rug but when you think about it we have been washing soft cotton bath rugs for years. These rugs are available in all colors and they are fantastic for using with matching towels to add color to a white bathroom. Using a bathroom rug on a hard surface is a much more hygienic solution to bathroom flooring than carpet. The carpet you can not pick up and wash, the bathroom rug you can.