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Building a Walk In Shower

Each year, hundreds of home owners spend thousands of dollars in small bathroom remodeling ideas mainly because not much thought was given during the initial bathroom design. Walk-in shower designs are fast becoming a substitute for bathtubs due to the outlook and functionality that they add to a bathroom. Provided herein are basic steps for installing a walk in shower with ease.

1.  Start by removing the existing bathtub or shower from the space. Ensure that all the debris has been removed from the space where the new walk-in enclosure will be placed. The place should be thoroughly cleaned inclusive of any reaming tiles.

2.    The drain needs to be realigned. To avoid complications that may rise later on, leave the exiting drain in its place but ensure that the show pan is run to the appropriate center point of the walk-in shower and then connected to the existing drain.

3.    Start by constructing the walls of the shower. The walls can be constructed in such a way that they run from the floor to the ceiling or to slightly six feet above the floor. The walls can be constructed using a 2×4 lumber spaced 16’’ on the center to allow for wall studs. To complete the construction of the wall, sheet it with water and mold resistant tile.

4.  Using a concrete slab, complete the floor of the shower by covering the show pan and the drainage line. The slab should be allowed to set and cure before carrying on to the next step.

5.  Before installing the shower heads by tapping into the water lines, ensure that the main water supply has been turned off. The shower heads should be thoroughly tested to make sure that there are no leaks before embarking on the next step.

6.  Ensure that damages made to the walls and ceilings during the installation of the shower heads have been repaired.

7.  Finish by laying the floor, wall and ceiling tiles. Give the grout 30 minutes to settle before wiping with a damp cloth and another 24 hours for it to settle.

Create A Sense of Fun In Your Bathroom With a Beach Shower Curtain

It can be a challenge trying to decide on the perfect theme for your new bathroom design. If you are going for a complete overhaul you certainly do not want it to look like it did before. If you are stuck for a theme then, you need to get creative and think of a design that will inspire you or a theme that can bring back fond memories. One popular theme that stands the test of time is the nautical or beach scene. What can be more appropriate to have in your bathroom than a theme that brings back those happy childhood memories of warm summer days spent at the seaside?

If you decide to go for a beach theme then, there is huge choice of beach theme accessories that include beach shower curtain sets and towels. These accessories contrast perfectly with the New England nautical colour schemes of blue and white. If you have a particularly small or drab bathroom that has limited natural light it is best to use light colours to brighten it up. Wooden floors work perfectly with the beach theme and you can coordinate this with the rest of the colour scheme. You could re-varnish the wooden floor to enhance its natural beauty or you could paint each board with a contrasting blue and white stripes.

It is amazing how a simple piece of cloth whose main purpose is to prevent the spillage of water on to the floor, can help to transform the look of your bathroom. That is why it has become such an essential bathroom furnishing accessory today. As well as the nautical theme why not transport your bathroom off to a tropical island with white sands and palm trees. There are a collection of luxury shower curtains with a tropical themes that will add an exotic touch to your bathroom.

Another great theme that the kids will love is the beach party scene. This design incorporates kids playing and swimming in the sea. With this design, bath time with the kids will be great fun.

Basic Tips and Thoughts Regarding Bathroom Lighting

Ideas for bathroom lighting may originate in various places such as periodicals, retail lighting stores, the Internet, catalogs or television.

Bathroom lighting has a particular significance since the bathroom is typically not very large compared to the other rooms of one’s house and since it is often visited by everyone in the family for such activities as shaving, putting on makeup or general grooming, it is crucial that there is adequate lighting.

It is possible, with appropriate bathroom lighting ideas, to make this room a more comfortable place for the above activities in addition to modifying the ambiance, or feel, of the room.

The ceiling lights of a bathroom may assume various types ranging from traditional batten holders to contemporary fixtures, so no matter whether you desire a minimalist feel to the area or an antique appearance, you can locate a bathroom ceiling light to meet your needs.

Bathroom light fixtures which are recessed are a perfect method of illuminating the area in specific ways. The majority of those recessed lights presently are either halogen lights or mains fed. Using this kind of lighting permits you to select lamps of a lower wattage, or to install a dimmer switch so that the mood of the room may be altered very easily.

Wall lights in the bathroom may be utilized in an intriguing manner to illuminate particular spots in the room, but they may not be appropriate for a bathroom with very little area.

LED lighting is achieving great favor as the technology continues to evolve, making use of smaller and yet more powerful lamps which generate adequate light. In addition, lamps of this sort may utilize varying colors or allow for a changing, swirling effect.

One particularly bothersome area of the bathroom to light and ventilate properly is the shower stall or enclosure. Since this area generally is very small and produces quite a bit of water vapor, proper ventilation is crucial.

There is a combination shower light and extraction fan kit which is available on today’s market. These kits are generally wired in such a manner that the fan will continue in operation for fifteen or twenty minutes after the light is turned off and so it provides an ideal method of reducing both condensation and mold.

Bathroom mirrors which have lights will greatly enhance a smaller bathroom since they both illuminate the room and make it seem larger due to the reflected light. Numerous types of lighted bathroom mirrors are available, so you should have little difficulty in locating one which accentuates the particular style you are looking for.

Installing a Shower Screen in The Bathroom

When it comes to keeping water off bathroom floors, shower screens are incomparable. The solid seal around the hardware prevents water from seeping beneath the frame. In addition, these screens are installed with a permanent grout seal around the base of the frame and on both sides for further prevention of leaks.

Styles and Designs Renew A Bathroom Decor:
Fortunately, there are as many styles and designs for shower screens as there are shapes. Some are beveled with a curved top. Others are straight aligned and have embellished designs to suit any taste. Cleaning is relatively easy. One tip is to make certain that after each shower, the track into which the screen fits is thoroughly dry to avoid any residue buildup generated by standing water streams in the tracks. Cleaning the track is accomplished with a narrow brush or soft absorbent cloth that has been dampened with a cleaner. Then, simply wipe dry with another clean cloth. It is also important to take care of the shower screen seal at the bottom of the screen with regular cleaning and removing any limescale. The screen seal is important for keeping water off the surfaces and floor of the bathroom.

Screen Materials:
The materials from which these screens are made are tempered glass which is heavier in weight or poly vinyls which are lighter in weight. Both are easy to clean and maintain. The difference between the two often has to do with the types of chemicals in the shower water. As an example, the heavier content of iron in the water, the more residue buildup is likely on both types of materials.

Frosted Screens or Clear?:
For standard showers, the screen may be frosted for privacy or clear as desired by the buyer. Some have lovely detailing etched into the glass or poly screen. Certain screens are built exclusively for a shower stall rather than a shower/tub combination. The screens for these are usually much longer depending on the size and length of the shower stall. Many of these are also curved in sections to create a dimensional appearance. They are a space saver in small bathrooms. It’s important to take accurate measurements before purchasing a screen. For those attached to tubs, you’ll need to know width, height and length of track needed. Track is usually sold in the complete screen package.

Ideas For Replacing Your Bathroom Sink

There are a wide variety of bathroom sinks from which to choose. Styles include drop in sinks or free standing pedestal sinks. There are several different finishes which can be chosen as well. The wide variety of sinks available makes it easy to decorate the bathroom area of a home or office.

Pedestal sinks have a basin which is situated on a pedestal base. The basin is located at a height which is comfortable. There are also sinks which are designed to be hung directly on to the wall; or a variety of vessel sinks which are free standing on the counter.

Counter top sinks are available in several different styles. Some are constructed to rest on the counter top. These have a metal edge to cover the rim or have a rolled finish edge. Tile in sinks fit flush with a tiled counter top. Some sinks fit to the underside of the counter and are appropriately called under counter sinks.

Sinks can be constructed of any one of a wide variety of materials, not just the more common ceramic sinks. Different metals can be used to make sinks; stainless steel, cast bronze or cast iron are some of the most popular metals. Marble and glass are other popular choices. Sinks are also made from a variety of these natural or man-made stones.

Bathroom sinks are available in a wide variety of shapes. There are oval, round, square or rectangle shaped sinks.

When decorating bathroom vanity areas consideration must also be given to the type of faucet needed. Sinks are drilled with holes for faucets at different distances. The holes for hot and cold water facets are usually 4, 8 or 12 inches apart. Some varieties have a single hole to accommodate single hole faucets. Some types of faucets are mounted directly on the wall or counter top. In these cases sinks will not need to be pre-drilled with any type of hole.

Remodeling The Bathroom For A Modern Look

modern bathroomAchieving a modern or contemporary look in the bathroom is high on the list of priorities when it comes to home renovation plans. Many people, however, are not quite sure how to make the bathroom look modern. In this article we shall address these uncertainties and look at how to bring your bathroom up to date.

One of the first areas to look at is the color scheme. One of the quickest and easiest ways to start is to visit the local home improvement store and take a look at the swatches of color. This will give you a good idea of what is available and the combinations that work well together. The amount of natural light you have will influence your color selection. A lot of natural lights means you can get away with dark colors but less light and you want to move to the lighter end of the scale.

When you decide on which colors you think will work best, you then need to look at how you are going to decorate. The most popular choices are to just paint, tile or even add wallpaper. The next is the flooring. The three main choices are tiling, wood and carpet. Although wood is my favorite, it can be prone to water damage. As such, wood effect laminate flooring is a good alternative. I tend to stay clear of carpeting due to issues, again, of water damage and more importantly, hygiene.

Now you know what your color scheme will be and what materials you will be using to decorate, the next aspect to look at is the bathroom suite. There are so many beautiful styles and designs of suites available it can sometimes be quite overwhelming. The important point is to choose something not just on its aesthetics but on its functionality. Also, decide on whether you want a bath, shower, combination of the two or for something more luxurious like steam showers.

The next choice to make is regarding the fixtures and fittings. In the contemporary bathroom, chrome finish or stainless steel are the materials to go for. It is important to make sure the fixtures on all the different components of the bathroom suite match. Brass should normally be left for the antique, period looking room.

When looking at the shower, one of the latest fashions is to use a rain shower head. They are much larger than you typical shower head but go in the modern bathroom very well. If you just need something to wash your hair, the rain variety can be found as a hand held model.

The next step is to choose the bathroom accessories. It is important that all of these should match. Glass mirrored bathroom cabinets are a very stylish yet functional accessory. Making sure all items such as toilet brushes and bins match will make sure you get that final appearance looking perfect.

Bathroom Accessories Are Part of Overall Bathroom Design

bathroom_accessoriesA successful bathroom design focuses on both style and function; great looking spaces that lack a meaning or fail at providing their intended purposes act as wasted space. Designs that include efficient, yet stylish bathroom accessories along with proper lighting often serve their inhabitants best. Some items like decorative mirrors provide purpose and an atmospheric enhancer, making them a great fit for any style of bathroom design.

The first part of most design processes includes the selection of a focal point. Many bathroom designs include both a shower and a bath; purchasing both of the accessories together as one fitted fixture acts as a great price and room saver. When selecting a tub or a shower together, the pieces can act as the focal point of the bathroom, taking up the most room and serving the largest purpose. Some home decorators and interior designers choose to make counter top space and a large mirror the central fixture of the bathroom. The addition of effective light sources can determine where the focus gets directed as well.

A home spa design incorporates some of the traditional features of most bathroom spaces, including a toilet and a bathing area. However, major expenses are usually dedicated to matching the rest of the room to the bathing or spa like systems. Large spa and Jacuzzi tubs often take up more than one third of the entire bathroom, easily becoming the focal point. When appliances become overpowering or too large, sometimes the functions of the bathroom are hindered.

Some of the most basic norms involved with bathroom design include proper lighting and an adequate moving space. Lighting for the shower is an important attribute included in nearly every design. A lot of bathrooms are designed to serve more than one person at one time. When appliances and accessories block walking room, the possibilities for more than person to use the bathroom at a time diminishes greatly. One way to increase the space included with the bathroom design involves placing appliances in the far corners of the room. This stretches the walk way and floor between things like the countertop sink area and baths or showers.

Design Tips For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

bathroom-remodelingYou might be constructing a home and designing an entirely new bathroom. Or perhaps you are remodeling an old room or adding another bathroom to your home. In any case, you have a clear amount of room to use. Use these tips as you go forward.

First, consider the bathrooms requirements, those being a sink and a toilet. Then you’ll also need either put in a bathtub or a shower stall if you are working on a full bathroom. An important point to consider is whether you want to go with just a bath, a shower or a combination of the two. A shower can be incorporated above the bath as a bath shower or as a separate entity such as a walk in shower. Your choice will largely be determined by your preferences and the amount of space you have available.

Next are the items you would like to incorporate. Many times people use a sink cabinet to give storage, but if your room is small or you prefer a more modern look, pick a pedestal sink. You will almost certainly want to add a mirror to hang over the sink, and you may opt for a mirrored medicine chest that will give you even more storage space. A fan can be helpful for keeping humidity out and you will in all probability want a space for shelves of some kind.

Measure your bathroom well and choose things that you think you would like in your bathroom and get the measurements. Some suggest drawing a plan to scale, but for those of us who are less visual, it can be helpful to cut paper to the actual size of the area of the item. Then lay out the paper representations in the room until you get a gratifying arrangement, but be quite sure to allow for space to walk in between them.

If everything fits well, there are a few more considerations. You might be restricted by plumbing or electricity. Will the windows, if there are any, give you too little privacy?

If necessary, tweak your plan until you have a design that is beautiful and uses the space as effectively as possible. If you simply have too much stuff for the room, think about out what can go. For example, you can use a pedestal sink, which takes less space than a full cabinet. On the other hand, you can use a cabinet but do not include shelves. You can store a small amount of towels, toilet paper, etc. in a sink cabinet and put bulkier extra supplies in a different closet or room nearby.

With a bit of creativeness and accurate measurements, you will have a fantastic bathroom. Once your bathroom design is finished, it is time to actually make it happen. Your time and hard effort will really pay off.