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Choosing A Unique Bar Sink

There are some choices when installing bar sinks that will make the sink the uncontested centerpiece of your home bar. If stunning is what you are going for, then keep reading as we present these different choices! Keep in mind that some of these choices might not be the most user friendly, or functional, but the sink will still work fine and will look absolutely fantastic.

The first choice when it comes to making a statement with your sink is definitely a vessel sink. It is a bit unusual to use a vessel as a bar sink, but there is no better way to have your sink stand out and become the conversation starter you are seeking. If you are going with a vessel, don’t be boring. Choose something with a clear style message like a copper vessel or glass vessel sink. As far as copper goes, you can choose a smooth or hammered finish. As for glass, there are many options to choose from, including a glass mosaic or a solid color glass sink. Remember that with a vessel sink both sides of the bowl are exposed, so you really have a chance to show off the style as the sink actually mounts to the top of the counter top. Some vessels are partially recessed into the counter top, but for the most part they mount to the top and the entire bowl is visible to anyone nearby. Just keep in mind that a vessel sink is a little more awkward for the person actually using it. But a bar sink is mostly for rinsing glasses, so unless you are going to do more than that the function of a vessel should be fine.

Even if you choose a more traditional mounting sink, consider an alternative material for your sink. Copper, glass, granite or marble all make very unique and beautiful sinks. Stainless steel is the most popular sink choice, and while it has a classy and clean look to it, it does not have that “Wow” factor that we are talking about in this article.

As you can see, the choices in sinks are limited only by your imagination. Don’t think of your bar sink as an afterthought. Think about it first and build around it and you will have made the style impact that you are looking for in your home bar.