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Types of vertical blinds

There are now many different types of window vertical blinds available in the market. With demand for more choices by the consumers, manufacturers have come up with more and more models that can appeal to the different tastes. Although choices are good, some might be overwhelmed by the options and don’t know how to begin choosing. Here is a brief on the different models for you to compare against:

Vertical cellular blinds: cellular blinds are made of little cells that are blinded together to form a cellular structure. This is what gives such blinds their names. The primary benefit of cellular blinds is their insulation capabilities which are stronger than most other vertical blinds. This insulation capability is created by a layer of air that is trapped between the cells. Looks wise, cellular blinds usually have very modern designs that will look great in a contemporary home.

vertical-blinds.163132122Vertical bamboo blinds: bamboo is a very special plant. It has strong resistance to weather and bacteria, making it a very good piece of wood for making outdoor furniture. In addition,  bamboo is also a very eco friendly plant as it is able to absorb more carbon dioxide than other plants. So, for environmentally conscious consumers, bamboo vertical blinds might be what you are looking for.

Vertical vinyl blinds: this type of plants are made of plastic slants that can be arranged in a vertical or horizontal way, with strings holding the blinds together. They are cheaper than the other two categories due to the less expensive materials used. Vinyl blinds are easy to maintain and clean as they are made of plastic. For homes with children, these slants are also child friendly as they are not capable of cutting anyone.

While there are many other models, such as wooden vertical blinds, descriptions of these three should give you a good idea of what is available in the market.