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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is a Great Choice For Your Home

strand woven bamboo flooringPerhaps you are pondering what you could do to increase the beauty of your home, and you just cannot figure out what it is. Well, you could opt for a hardwood floor, as they are becoming popular again. Think about it; how many of your friends and family have a hardwood floor? You can probably name quite a few right away, as the benefits of having one are great: they are so simple to keep clean from allergens and dust-like substances; they are also gorgeous for their physical beauty, too.

One type of hardwood flooring, for example, that is becoming extremely popular all around the world is strand woven bamboo flooring; as the name indicates, this flooring is made of bamboo(yes, the grasses that pandas in Asia ingest). So, if you are thinking of getting a new floor, make it a strand woven bamboo floor!

You are probably wondering what actual type of flooring you are going to receive if and when you have the  flooring installed. Well, to be precise, “Moso” bamboo stalks are cut, boiled, and dried for awhile, which creates “strands”. These strands are then pushed and flattened under extremely high pressures, which creates a solid plank; this type of bamboo flooring (i.e., strand-woven ) is different from other types in that the solid planks are twice as dense! Because it has such a high density, it is very idealistic for any home that has a lot of people frequenting the area. As an example, if a household has two parents, a grandma, and six kids running around it, you are going to want flooring that is not going to be destroyed in two weeks, and this type will last much longer, as it is scientifically proven to be the most durable form of any bamboo flooring offered in the contemporary markets.

There are many different ways of getting the flooring into your home, whether you have a professional contractor do it, or you opt to do it yourself. Also, there are many methods to have it installed, too. For example, you could have it nailed, stapled, glued, or some other method of holding it in place. Thus, it is probably best for you to assess how you want it to appear in your home. One added benefit of having the strand-woven bamboo over the normal one is this fact: it does not leave any materials out of the process; that is to say, all pieces of the bamboo made for your floor go directly into your floor. As such, there are no garbage pieces left behind, meaning there is a positive ecological and environmental impact for purchasing this type of flooring, too! Now, go and purchase your new flooring system!