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Common Lawn Fungi

Maintaining a natural lawn can be a challenging endeavor to undertake so in order to make your time and money worthwhile, you should understand the possible underlying problems you may face. One of the most common issues is lawn disease, specifically fungus. In this article, I’ll take you through some types that often found in your everyday yard and discuss how they can damage the health of the grass.

One example is the red thread. This generally appears during times of high humidity, perhaps after a period of wet weather and when the soil is lacking fertility. You know when your lawn has this disease when you see red needle-like structure sticking out amongst the blades of grass.

Another example is fairy rings. As the name suggests, these appear as either circles or arcs of grass growth that contrasts from the rest of the lawn.

Recognizing the disease will help you in finding the right lawn fungus treatment.

Now, if all this maintenance work required for a natural lawn is too much for you to bother with, the alternative to consider is artificial grass lawns. Before you jump to the conclusion that artificial lawn must look horrible and unnatural, think again. What you are thinking of is technology of the past. Development of artificial lawns have changed significantly and very much realistic looking, often difficult to differentiate from the genuine counterpart upon initial glance.

The biggest appeal of opting for the artificial alternative is definitely in the maintenance, or lack thereof.  No more headache on choosing just the correct type of fertilizer and chemical treatments to address fungal issues. If you are short on time – for example, if you’re like me, working full time and caring for an elderly family member – then a garden requiring minimal time is ideal.

So there you have it. Remember to consider both benefits and costs of both options before committing your time and money to a particular choice.