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Aqua Sphere Pond Maintainer

If you have a large pond which requires constant tending, it may be a good idea to look into alternate options on cleaning and maintenance. Without proper care, ponds can become overridden with yucky substances like algae, mold and dirt. This sludge will continue to build up until your pond looks like a bowl of pea soup. Once the pond has degraded this far, you can expect a load of work ahead to get it back on track. A tip to keep your algae levels low is to install patio shades above the pond to reduce the sunlight which it feed upon. The best way to prevent this is to maintain the proper water chemistry. Nobody likes to do this task, which is why the aqua sphere was invented.

pondThe aqua sphere is a special plastic ball-like device that is placed in your large pond. Inside each aqua sphere is a natural bacteria blend which helps reduce harmful substances in the water. For example, too many nutrients in the water can make it a feeding ground for algae. The aqua sphere keeps these levels at the right level without you having to lift a finger. It is best to drop in an aqua sphere when you first start the pond to get it on the right track immediately. If you’re wondering how much water this sphere can cover, it maintains a remarkable one fourth acre of water, or approximately 250,000 gallons. Even if you don’t have an area that big, you can still benefit from a smaller sphere in your pond.

Sit back and relax for thirty days as the sphere goes to work. As the sphere floats around, water will enter the built in slits and flow against the friendly bacteria blend. No mixing or measuring is required because the blend is already mixed to the perfect specifications. And don’t worry about your pets either, because the aqua sphere is safe for pets, fish and even plants. If your water quality is particularly bad, you may need to wait four to six weeks for the water to improve. After thirty days, it must be disposed or composted because the bacteria blend will have reached the end of its lifespan. A string on the end helps you to remove the sphere when it is done.

An aqua sphere is a must have for large pond owners who simply want to free up their time maintaining their ponds. This remarkably engineered product is completely safe for the environment, animals and humans. Look for it online or at your home improvement store. After your pond is clear, jazz it up with some outdoor flood lights.