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Antique Clocks Makers: The Grandfather Clock

If you are looking for reliable information about credible antique grandfather clock manufacturers, then you absolutely came to the right place! This article will present you with facts about some of the well-known and reputable companies that manufactured high-quality grandfather clocks. Just like when procuring other types of antique clocks (like antique wall clock or antique mantle clock), it is advised that you only purchase an old grandfather clock that is produced by a credible clock company. This is critical to ensure that you will be getting real antique timepiece.To help you ensure that, here are some of the most respectable and highly-acclaimed companies that are well-known for producing the best types and models of grandfather clocks

  • Hermle Clock Company – This outstanding company was founded centuries ago by a man named Franz Hermle. Hermle Clock Company is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of stylish German grandfather clocks. Hermle grandfather clocks are notable for their exquisite and stately appeal. They are great heirloom pieces that have been passed down from generation-to-generation. They feature distinct clock details that include gold/silver clock dials, polished brass lyre pendulum, weigh shells, and impressive wood finishes.
  • Howard Miller Company – Founded in 1926, the company was first introduced as Herman Miller Company. Herman Miller was the founder of the Howard Miller Company. He operated and managed it for a couple years. In 1937, the company’s management was handed over to Herman’s son Howard, and its name was changed to Howard Miller Company.
  • Waterbury Clock Company – Pioneered in 1875, this clock company manufactured a large number of premium-grade antique clocks, including the antique wall clocks and mantle clocks. Later on, they also ventured in the production of grandfather clocks.

It is important that you become familiar with reputable and trusted manufacturers of old grandfather clocks as well as other types of antique clocks to help you acquire genuine and valuable antique clock models.

Source: Antique Clocks Guide