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All Weather Rattan Garden Furniture Or Natural Weave?

Rattan garden furniture is becoming a popular style for many homes that enjoy wicker furniture decorations. It’s fashionable and sophisticated design makes it stand out from other types of furniture and it is also extremely durable. Rattan is a vine and a popular material used for creating woven furniture. Some other common natural materials are bamboo, reeds, palms, sea grass, and canes.

Although rattan is very strong it is kept looks best when keep in a warm and dry environment. Humid and wet climates can cause the furniture to grow mold and rot over time. For this reason rattan furniture is recommended to be kept indoors to prevent it getting ruined by rain or intense sunlight. There is another version known as all weather rattan garden furniture this material is made from various compounds to help extend the durability and life span of the furniture. This synthetic rattan  is also known as poly rattan and it is optimal for outdoor furniture along with other plastics like PVC and resin. The plastic in the poly or all weather rattan is very strong which makes it completely moisture resistant and able to withstand any type of temperature.

Natural rattan is also much more expensive because it needs to be collected from forests so it requires much more resources to collect natural wood for rattan.  All weather rattan or poly rattan however is manufactured (not collected) which allows the furniture to be much cheaper to produce. Depending on the style and rarity of the wood some natural rattan sets can cost thousands of dollars, all weather poly rattan cost much less and will probably last longer than the wood ones.

If you have large budget and live in a warm, dry climate all year then natural rattan furniture may be best for you. It can be a sign of luxury and is a great decoration for a porch or day room. However, if you aren’t looking to spend hundreds of dollars on furniture then you should probably choose all weather rattan garden furniture. It will last no matter what type of climate your area has, they are also very easy to clean and maintain which will make them last longer than most other types of furniture. Rain, Snow or Sun won’t destroy this product because it is made to withstand even the toughest elements.

If you are looking in the furniture market for a product that has quality and durability, then poly rattan should be your choice. Make sure to research the specific brand before you make a purchase, if the brand is reputable your furniture should last for a long time. Try to stay away from cheap plastic rattan as it can crack and snap easily.