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Garden Anywhere with an Aerogarden

Gardening at home is rewarding, and with the Aerogarden, a big back yard is no longer a gardening requirement. Finding good, fresh produce throughout the winter can be difficult if you live in a remote location or in a northern city with a real winter. Sadly, when the availability of produce suffers, our health also suffers. Anyone can grow their own food. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or energy. Indoor solutions such as potted plants or traditional hydroponic systems can be expensive, messy and ugly.

The Aerogarden line of products makes in home gardening easier, more enjoyable and affordable. They are not suitable for the larger types of produce. Research has shown that one of the simplest things to do in order to feel better is to eat better.

Aerogarden seed kits focus on the varieties of plants that are well adapted to in home hydroponics. The kits are customizable and include flowers as well as vegetables and herbs. Components are available from Aerogarden that allows the gardener to customize their setup for taller plants with larger produce.

The Aerogarden Pro 200 comes in a variety of colors and designs and accommodates specific space constraints. It is compact and attractive and can double as a decoration on the bookshelf or counter. The Aerograden Pro 200 is perfect for the home chef that needs the occasional sprig of basil or leaf of fresh lettuce.

Fresh herbs and vegetables are a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. The Aerogarden allows anyone to take a year round role in their own nutrition and health by providing delicious food without a formal garden. The Aerogarden further brightens your spirits and your home by providing an attractive plant as a decoration. The satisfaction of consuming homegrown greens in February is a great cure for the winter time blues.

How the Aerogarden is Revolutionizing Gardening

Gardening, for the most part, was limited to only a few seasons of the year, and required you getting dirty and messing, and hoping that the elements didn’t ruin your plants.  Other concerns included making sure the plants get enough light, that they aren’t being eaten by bugs, and that they get watered properly every day.  That was quite time consuming just to be able to enjoy some fresh vegetables and herbs and plants.

Well, then came the Aerogarden.  This revolutionary system used hydroponics, a way of growing seeds in water with a combination of lighting and nutrient delivery.  The Aerogarden became extremely popular after being advertised on home shopping television channels and infomercials.  They were also featured in elite magazines like the Sky Mall and other places that can reach a lot of people.  There have been over 100,000 Aerogardens sold, and they continue to be an extremely popular item for all types of people.

They were really popular because they allowed people who don’t have a garden, like those who live in a condo or an apartment, to be able to now grow fresh herbs and spices in their own home, without having to worry about the messiness that dirt causes, nor having to worry about bugs attacking their plants.

There are many different models, but some of the models like the Aerogarden Pro 200, contain beautiful, brushed stainless steel that will go well in any office, living room, or even office cubicle.  Depending on your needs, the various Aerogarden models come in different sizes.  They all have a light source that gives the plants just the right amount of light.  And since the lights are emulating the sun, you can grow plants all year long, since they are getting the proper amount of light and are temperature controlled.  The microprocessors in the Aerogardens make sure that the nutrients are delivered to the plants in the proper amounts and at the proper times.

If you haven’t seen the Aerogarden but you love to garden, then they may be a perfect addition to your current garden!